5 thoughts on “How Are Jobs Created?

  1. I noticed this one, I think on Human Events and liked it. It was something I was thinking of posting on myself.

    Given that the big government types keep on about creating jobs, it makes you wonder how come nobody has asked the obvious before now.

  2. Well, this guy is going to need a high-paying spin-doctor, who will have his own staff, and that will create extra jobs- and all the media attention will sell papers, which will keep journoes employed, so i reckon that’s how jobs are created! Do I win a safe seat, or something?

  3. Looks as though McMahon actually learnt a thing or two from Schiff during the Primaries. As clueless as Blumenthal is, he has huge support in CT. Should be an interesting race.

  4. I hope she wins. I pity Americans if someone like Blumenthal beats her. Of course I was Schiff was there instead.

  5. This Blumenthal guy “stands up for jobs” when large companies need to restructure and downsize.

    Thats nuts.. the guy strong-arms and bribes companies into keeping workers they otherwise would have let go. Those workers wouldn’t have even been permanently unemployed, theres no doubt they would have taken their skills to more valued activities and industries over time !

    Where was he when the spear was invented, and Cavemen Inc sacked 50 berry pickers and outsourced the work to 10 hunters ?

    This reminds of a terrific Jeffrey Tucker article about the demise of the US piano industry:

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