I want your money!


I have just discovered this new movie, which looks quite professional and may have some promotional dollars behind it.  It certainly looks like a conservative movie to me but I still hope that it may do some good spreading the word about the harm of socialism.  I particuarly liked the use of the word “theft” in the trailer.  From the website:

We have had the pleasure of getting great interviews from economic experts and politicians including: 

The following people are interviewed:  Mike Huckabee, Stephen Moore, Michael Reagan, William Voegeli, Star Parker, Kenneth Blackwell, Edwin Meese lll, Thad McCotter, Newt Gingrich, Lee Edwards, Pete Wilson, Steve Forbes, Gary Bauer, Kate Obenshain, Chris Edwards, David M. McIntosh, Lila Rose, John Stossel, Allen Icet, Rob Schaaf, John Stossel, Tom McClintock, Andrew Breitbart, George Runner, Alison Fraser. 

(Don’t ask me why they listed John Stossel twice, are there two?) 


9 thoughts on “I want your money!

  1. Another political movie I shall have to add to my list of things to see immediately. May they release this film in mainstream Australian cinemas.


  2. Didn’t realise what a tool Obama was “you would think they’d be saying thankyou”, obviously never had a real job, idiot.

    Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill to find what is in it”

    Please take her out back and tie her to a tree and give her regular water and kibble.

    I seriosuly reckon my dog is smarter than her.

  3. Things are pretty dire in America at the moment. But this seems partisan and seems to ignore (like most of the Tea Party movement) the massive cost of the Afghan and Iraq conflicts.

    Bush should be held responsible for those, hopefully this movie does attack both sides. I’m not holding my breath, though.

    Politics always ends up being partisan.

  4. Afghanistan was entirely justifiable. Iraq was a gamble.

    Both could have been ended earlier with a committment of more resources sooner. Instead we have a drawn out and underresourced war effort.

    It’s really, really stupid.

    If you want a “fun” weekend Shem, trawl through US BLS data from 2003 onwards. The costs of the war were large, and quite often indirect and implicit. These hidden effects of course impacted on tangible events that manifested as putative causes of the GFC.

  5. It looks as if Ronald Reagan was a beacon of libertarian truth of something. He was one of the worst free market hypocrite ever.

  6. When the conservatives are in opposition they generally make more libertarian type noises. On balance I think Reagan was one of the best presidents.

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