John Howard, arch-libertarian

…he’ll be speaking at the Mont Pelerin Society meeting in Sydney tomorrow, hosted by the Centre for Independent Studies (coming up at the next conference: Barack Obama speaks about the benefits of free-markets).

On a more serious note, my favorite speakers are:

James Allan – listen to this man when he speaks about Bills of Rights – he knows his stuff. I had the privilege of hearing him lecture when I attended the Liberty & Society Conference in 2007; hands down the best speaker there.

Pete Boettke – some argue he’s not as radical as some other Austrians, and he’s even taken pot-shots at the scholars at the Mises Institute and Ron Paul (who I hasten to add, I am much more fond of) but he’s made some valuable contributions and I have a lot of respect for him.

Terry Anderson – apparently not as principled as free-market environmentalists like Walter Block or Murray Rothbard, but worth listening to.

Wolfgang Kasper – a minarchist, but one of my favorite minarchists who I also had the privilege of hearing at the L &S Conference.

Overall, a 6/10 line-up. A 10/10 score would involve replacing John Howard with Ron Paul, and inviting Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Robert Higgs, Jesus de Soto and Tom Woods. Guess I’ll have to wait till I attend Mises University for that kind of perfection!