Entertaining and Intelligent Movie Reviews

Over the last couple of months I have been enjoying the movie reviews done by Mr. Film and Mr. Movie at http://www.moviefilmshow.com/movies-films/

I think these are excellent reviews for my purposes anyway.  Mr. Film and Mr. Movie review the latest releases succinctly without giving away too much of the story.  They also include some brief technical discussions on theme, plot and style. 

These are audio movie reviews in a podcast format. 

The two reviewers are pro-freedom and pro-capitalsim.  And while this quality isn’t essential to good movie reviews, it’s certainly a nice change from the typical biases of the main stream media.  I thought the folks around these parts may like to listen to the reviews done on these movies:

Wall Street: The Money Never Sleeps

The Social Network


7 thoughts on “Entertaining and Intelligent Movie Reviews

  1. Makes a change from the obvious biasses of the likes of David Stratton and Margaret Pommeranz. They panned Team America for daring to poke fun at left-wing Hollywood actors, but positively gush over anything by Michael Moore.

    There is one film critic who sometimes exhibits some libertarian leanings and that’s Jim Schrembi. Though he’s a bit shy about it, lest he be kicked out of the Age collective.

  2. Let’s hope there’s lots of libertarian teachings in lots of movies. However, I can see why they put in mob-pleasing messages- they’re trying to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. As for Team america, I was only mildly amused by it. As for Michael Moore, the less I see, the more I like. even though he now seems rich, i suppose he still holds a grudge for what capitalist corporations did to his home town once year ago.

  3. I really liked Wall Street 2 but after seeing all these reviews I’m thinking I should watch it again because I’ve missed something. It was a lot like a doco on the GFC with a storyline. I thought it presented the facts fairly objectively. So for me it just reinforced what I already believed in; free markets etc. I did think though at the time that if a lefty saw the movie they would come to their own conclusions.

  4. Interesting Troy. I haven’t seen Wall St. II yet but I’m generally not much of an Oliver Stone fan.
    I got the impression from the review that the main theme of the movie was not clear or well realised.
    But perhaps Stone wanted the movie to be more documentary like and also have multiple messages that would suit different people?

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