I have held the opinion for some time that the ALS should have awards for the best and worst actions, statements, etc each year, and watching last nights news I was struck by the statement of Sam Walsh, the CEO of Rio Tinto Iron Ore, who said, “If you can’t trust the government, who can you trust?” (About 1:10 in)

He is my nominee for the Gerald Starnes medal for the silliest statement by a business leader this year. Any other suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Awards.

  1. Why not send the ‘winner’ a book of Will rogers quotes? He once said- “I don’t make jokes. I just look at what the Government is doing and report the facts!”

  2. I think Sukrit should get the “sanctimonious pea-brain of the year” award for this comment:

    All my posts will have no comments allowed in future, due to trolls such as Yobbo, Jason Soon, JC etc. They distract from serious/polite discussion.

  3. DavidL has a point… Sukrit managed to cram a lot of stupid into that short statemnent. Disabling comments was lame enough – but to then troll other threads in which he accuses others of being trolls (for having the audacity to disagree with him) was just absurd.

  4. There is a different between being a douchebag and being a troll.

    That distinction seems to be getting lost over time. More and more I see people being called trolls for expressing an opinion in an offensive manner.

    That isn’t trolling. Trolling is when you do it for teh lulz.

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