Semi open thread – October 2010

There has been quite a bit of off topic discussion lately. Rather than clog up specific articles with unrelated comments I’m creating this open article where you can discuss anything current, topical and related to libertarianism, this blog or anything else vaguely of interest to others who gather here.

I don’t normally moderate or close down comments but for something different I will on this discussion. My only rule for comments on this article is as outlined below:-

Type (i) abuse prohibited. ie not allowed.

Type (ii) abuse permitted. ie it’s okay.

Type (i) abuse entails making disparaging remarks about a person, rude word play on their name or sarcastic descriptions about them. Basically anything personal. Some prohibited examples:-

–  “You’re an idiot”.

–  “Man you’re stupid”.

–  “Your mother is the only one that could love you”.

–  “Only a complete fool would say that”

–  “You’re a troll”

Type (ii) abuse entails making a disparaging remark about a persons specific idea or specific behaviour.  It is not general or personal. Some permitted examples:-

– “That’s a frickin stupid comment”

– “That’s a really dumb idea”

– “What you just did was bloody ridiculous”

Stick to the rule, be creative and have fun. Ignore my rule and I’ll delete you. 🙂

Lurkers should feel free to join in.

22 thoughts on “Semi open thread – October 2010

  1. Sukrit posted an article on the Greens idea regarding declarations of war. The LDP thinks it should require approval from a lot more than 50% of parliament to declare a war. Relative to the LDP the Greens are clearly pro war.

  2. Hi guys

    2 questions

    1) So the government takes our money and spends it in one of 2 ways. They either redistribute it from rich to poor; welfare, progressive tax rates. Or they spend it on things they think we should be buying for ourselves; health care, superannuation, first home buyers grant etc. My question is what type of spending is worse?

    I was having a conversation about this today and we both agreed that income redistribution is like forced charity so at least it has some noble motive in mind. But with things like health care etc the gov is basically saying that we are to stupid to make the right decisions on our own and that is far worse. Actually I don’t know if ‘worse’ is the right word all I’m saying is that for some reason in my guts it pisses me off more.

    2) I’ve noticed lately that in America the word ‘libertarian’ is popping up all over the TV and internet. Problem is this libertarian revival seems to be be led by nutters like Alex Jones, Tea Partyers, gun nuts and various other crazies. Do you think overall long-term this is harmfull to our cause or is any publicity good publicity?

  3. Troy – the means of production should be private, and taxes & transfers should be flat rated or lump sum if possible.

    A solution would be the privatisation of schools, hopsitals etc, but school vouchers and a HECS style scheme for Medicare etc.

  4. Oh yeah I agree with all that. Let me rephrase my question.

    Say some magic libertarian tooth fairy granted you one wish and you could stop the government from spending (and taxing) on either income redistribution or spending on insulation bats and all the other crap they think we should be buying for ourselves. What would you chose?

  5. I’d want the government to pay for the army, courts and prisons. Leaving that to one side I’d keep the transfers and ditch the rest. You can do health and education on a very egalitarian basis without the government actually staffing and operating the hospitals and schools.

  6. A ‘gun nut’ is a someone that has an infatuation with guns. Like some of those survivalist groups in the states. Don’t get me wrong, we’re on the same side here, I’m all for gun rights. I think marijuana should be legal but if someone smokes too much of it I’ll still call them a pothead. So ‘gun nut’ is to gun rights as ‘pothead’ is to marijuana.

  7. I noticed in the last liberal club policy meeting here on social intervention by government that I was the only one in favour of deregulating firearm ownership. My argument hinged on

    a) violent crime was steadily decreasing until Howard’s reforms

    b) a disarmed populace is subject to the tyrannical whims of the day’s government

    c) the fact that all men in Switzerland are issued with an automatic rifle after national service, and they have one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world

    and finally, the obvious

    d) violence was around a LONG time before guns were invented

    I discovered that it’s difficult to have an intelligent discussion on the topic, especially with city kids who haven’t even seen a real gun before. The emotion always runs quite high. While almost all the others in the room have similar views (some are more conservative than myself) and a healthy distrust of government, they thought the monopoly on defensive force was a thing best done by the state. Just thought it was an interesting juxtaposition.

  8. If the gun control lobby *wins*, the most they can be given is removal of guns in public places. No one has the right to disarm you defending your own property.

  9. Most of what most people know about guns comes from what they have seen in hollywood action movies and TV cop shows.

    The majority of people living in metropolitan areas in Australia have never seen or touched a gun, as far as they are concerned guns are something that are only useful to chicano gangs and rogue cops. It’s only natural that they are afraid of them.

  10. In England I met people who said they would never visit Australia because of the sharks, spiders and snakes they had seen on TV. Fear is a potent thing.

  11. More likely they were never going to come and were rationalising against a poor choice or lack of disposable income.

    Same with gun perhaps, except in that instance they are rationalising against bigotry, a fear of their own lack of competence and ignorance they’ve bought into.

  12. Is war an issue that you would want to have to wait for a parliament to decide on? I’d say this is one of those issues that ought to be initiated by the executive and decided by the head of state.

  13. I would have thought that to be a Libertarian one would have to be a “gun nut”.

    in a Libz society you would have to expect to defend your property, and instant defence should clearly be better than awaiting your contract security company (like South Africa) or the Police. (some days later, just like it is now…)

    From that I’d expect every citizen to be familiar with means of self-defence and their children to be bought up with guns as a familiar tool like a cellphone. Mine have been and the worst thing we find about moving to Aussie is the stupidity of the gun laws.

    Great site BTW- I will return now I have found it!

  14. Is war an issue that you would want to have to wait for a parliament to decide on?

    If it’s abroad (ie not immediately defensive) then absolutely. In practice though if the matter was urgent the decision would still be reasonably quick.

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