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  1. Do any of you remember President George W Bush and his lies concerning Iraq, and I wonder how many Americans are saying where was Wikileaks when we needed them?

    All Anglo-American Politicians know the number of American and non-American lives were put in danger because of President George W Bush’s lies on Iraq, and who were denied their right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, but the Dictators of America have hypocritically and conveniently remained silent on that.

    Can any of us think that President George W Bush will be tried for treason and executed, yet these American Dictators are treating like Private First Class Bradley Manning and the founder of Wikileaks like criminals.

  2. We all remember President George W Bush and his lies concerning Iraq; and I wonder how many Americans are asking where Wikileaks was when we needed them?

    All Anglo-American Politicians know the number of American and non-American lives were lost because of President George W Bush’s lies on Iraq.

    These American Citizens were denied their right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, but the Dictators of America have hypocritically and conveniently remained silent on that.

    The American Constitution doe not allow the Dictators of America to seek to rule the world, but do their best to ensure the Right of American Citizens, including the thousands of American Soldiers who were killed, and the many others who were serious injured to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness.

    Can any of us think that President George W Bush will be tried for treason and executed, yet these American Dictators are treating Private First Class Bradley Manning and the founder of Wikileaks like criminals?

    The following video titled: Free Bradley Manning Speeches by Marjorie Cohn, can be found on the internet at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7UsMNk0fTE.

    This is of course unless the CIA changes that internet address or its contents of the video to try to discredit what I saying in this comment.

  3. We have read how the City of Berkeley which wanted to award Private First Class Bradley Manning the Honour of being a Hero to America, but they have correctly and properly delayed a vote on the matter.

    This is because the City of Berkeley should not have moved on this matter until it has been proven in a Proper Court of Law if Private First Class Bradley Manning is the one who leaked the American Undiplomatic Cables to Wikileaks.

    The City of Berkeley in typical American fashioned has forgotten that anyone under suspicion is to be PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL FOUND OTHERWISE BY A PROPER COURT OF LAW.

    This is of course the correct position, because a person has to be found guilty in a Court of Law, and not in what the Media might say, or even what hearsay says.

    The City of Berkeley in California is a liberal City, and most people vote for the Democrats, and this may have been politically motived because of the recent Federal and State Elections.

    There are many possibilities here, and I will only mention the more obvious ones to illustrate why the Presumption of Innocence must be respected.

    What if a million Americans claimed that he was the one who leaked that Classified Information to Wikileaks, would that make all of them suspects?

    We may be correct in assuming that the person or persons behind this leak to Wikileaks were sane, and therefore had their motives.

    It could be that if a person heard about what someone else or others have leaked to Wikileaks, then they made have wanted to take the credit for it, or it could have been just booze talk.

    If a person knew of the leak, and then pretended that it was him to someone who is not the Authority, then he would be confident to be found innocent at his trial.

    The motivation is of course fame and fortune, or even infamy and fortune, but as long as there is the fortune along with the pronouncement of innocence.

    That is one end of the spectrum, and the other possibility is that Presidents Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were the masterminds of this, and that Manning will receive a Pardon from Barack Obama, just before he hands over office to President Hillary Clinton.

    Berkeley is a liberal city that votes for the Democrats, and it is the Democrats who will lose a lot of votes if they do not manage to find whoever leaked the Cables to Wikileaks either innocent, or to say either truthfully or to lie and say that they cannot find who made the leak to Wikileaks.

    I am not suggesting that liberals will vote for the Republicans, although a few might; but America has voluntary voting, and the liberals may not vote at the next election.

    This is why President Hillary Clinton has not been Publicly calling for an Imperialistic version of a Fatwa on Manning, but the Democrats have left to the other side of the coin to do their dirty work, because the Democrats know that it will cost the Democrats votes.

    The Republicans do not have any worries as regards loss of votes with a person who could be portrayed as a traitor, even though, depending on testimony that is not extracted from torture may show that he is probably a Patriot and maybe even a Hero.

    The problem for both Political Parties in America is that regardless of who leaked the information, they are showing the world that they are not happy with being made to be honest, and that is why they are persecuting Private First Class Bradley Manning in a Middle East Jail, so that protests cannot be held at an American Jail.

    We can all be certain that Private First Class Bradley Manning’s Legal Defence Team, and even common sense have instructed him to answer no questions.

    We have learned from the Media that the American Government, is trying to make it look like there was coercion from the founder of Wikileaks on Private First Class Bradley Manning to make the leaks.

    We have seen attempts at this by asking why Wikileaks has not paid money to Private First Class Bradley Manning, because as far as President Hillary Clinton is concerned, she needs Julian Assange convicted in America for her election at the next American Presidential election.

    The reason for detaining a Presumed Innocent American Citizen in Contravention of the American Constitution is to bribe, pressure, or even torture him into doing the whims of President Hillary Clinton.

    Whoever leaked the information to Wikileaks did the American Community a great Public Service, because what we learn is that the Dictatorship is coming to America, regardless of Democrats or Republicans.

    The Democrats and the Republicans want to conceal the fact that the American Military must one day come home, and that they are now trained psychopaths who need an endless supply of victims.

    That supply of victims will not be foreigners, but American Citizens who have been disarmed because of being manipulated by a Puppet Uncle Tom using their stupid white guilt trip.

    The American citizens will be told criticism against the Unconstitutional policies of a Puppet Uncle Tom will because of their alleged racism, and not because of the evil policies.

    The Democrats and the Republicans both know all these things to be true, but they will not confess for the obvious reasons.

    They have their ready made excuses that were invented long ago, and all of this information is Classified Top Secret.

    The reason they are against even the low level Classified Information being leaked, is because others will be able to deduce what the Top Secret Information concerning the disarming of the American people, and the return home of America’s psychopathic Nazi Army.

    It should not surprise us if the Founder of Wikileaks has been bribed, pressured, or even intimidated into changing the original content of the UnDiplomatic American Cables.

    The American Government has made so many documents Classified, because that way they can intimidate anyone with commenting on their definition of Classified Information.

    I know that we are all wiser with hindsight, but a non-Nazi Hope and Change would have said what is done is done, and that persecuting those who may or may not have leaked this information, and those who are publishing it even in a changed form after they have been bribed and intimidated would not be in the Public Interest.

    I truly wish that I did not have to be the one of many to inform America’s Politicians, but I guess that if they do not know by now, then they need to firstly be advised as to how Americans are thinking, and they need to be reminded of their obligations to the American Public.

    The American People may soon rise up and kill all, and that means all American Politicians, Federal, State, and Local.

    That is why if even people like Ron Paul need to decide to leave Politics or to confess that he has been as corrupt as the rest of them all along, because if there is a cleansing, the cleansing will be complete.

    There will be no distinction between good Politicians or bad Politicians, because the only good American Politician will be a Dead American Politician.

    As far as the Main Stream Media is concerned, I have not been able to see the mood of the American people, but they may go down along with the bankers.

    There were many people who were hoping that the British Legal System was not subservient to the dictates of America.

  4. Dear THE, a question. What if Assange is a rapist? Do we forgive him that because of Wikileaks? i ask this because I don’t think you can accuse Sweden of being a hot-house of Neo-Fascism, and the Swedish government is the one making the charges.
    Whilst some US politicians seem to froth at the mouth about leaks, i think that public services should be subject to public scrutiny, so I do not worry about that.

  5. It is vital to firstly make your own copy of this article, and then to send a copy of this article to as many people as possible, because other countries already have their own copy.

    Working closely within the Military, he was able to hear the Conspiracies the Dictators of America are scheming, and he put himself in harms way to protect, not just a few Americans, but all Americans.

    It is a known and proven fact that the American Army will have to come home one day, and if the Dictators of America who are cloaked as Public Servants can deceive the American people to become disarmed, and to give up their liberties, then it will make the eventual Dictatorship much easier to Establish.

    For those American Citizens who do not wish to be dull thinkers, they should watch the video titled “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura The Gulf Oil Spill Season 2 – FULL LENGTH”, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSMUhVcjJ94, unless of course the CIA changes the video and the internet location in a pathetic attempt to discredit this article.

    Another video worth watching is titled: “Rally for Bradley Manning- Blowing the Whistle on War Crimes is Not a Crime!” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuhP_N0ZldA.

    We all know that the American Corporations control and fund the Dictators of America to create a Fascist State, and proof of this Fascist State is that America does not have 100% Public Funding for Elections.

    It would not surprise any of us if most of the Male Puppet and Blackmailed American Politicians have to be videoed ejaculating semen on young Children’s genitals before they receive Corporate Funding for their Election Campaigns.

    I am sure that Corporations have found ways for the females who want funding to become the Puppets of the American Fascist Corporations.

    If this is what is happening, then the purpose is that the Corporations know that they can blackmail any American Politician to do their bidding, even Resident of the Whites’ House, Barack Obama.

    President Bill Clinton approved of giving wealthy Americans even more money to fuse the Corporations with the Government, which is Fascism.

    If small businesses can function, and if their can be a Middle Class in America, then the Wealthy will become poorer, and they think that they will die because of having less money.

    It is their survival instincts that are at play here, and that is what Wikileaks has been able to show the Entire World.

    There are many people who want 100% public Funding for Elections, and free and fair Media time during Elections, because they too, have a survival instinct.

    I believe that the American Politicians should pass a law to make themselves immune against all blackmail techniques of the Corporations.

    It is better to have this situation where the American Politicians will not go to jail for ejecting semen on young sleeping Children just because they wanted fame and fortune from the Corporations.

    We, the people of Democracyland whose national borders are defined by the United Nations Charter and International Law are committed to the highest form of Democracy known to Mankind.

    Democracyland will be a true Democracy, have no military alliances, be 100% against racism, have no genetically modified crops, plant many trees, and have 100% recycling.

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