2011 International Students For Liberty Conference

In February 2011, Students for Liberty, the world’s foremost libertarian student organisation, is hosting their annual International Students for Liberty Conference, which will see the world’s largest crowd of pro-liberty students will gather for a weekend of learning about liberty from contemporary leaders in liberty, discussing best practices for promoting liberty on campus, and getting more involved in the larger movement for liberty. The 2010 conference drew over 300 stdents from across 13 countries, and this years promises to be even bigger and better!

At the 2011 International Students For Liberty Conference, you will experience:

  • Activism training featuring workshops taught by fellow student leaders of liberty.
  • Networking with the leaders of the liberty movement and your fellow pro-liberty students from around the world.
  • Social Events featuring free drinks
  • Great Speakers, such as Governor Gary Johnson, Economist Extrodinaire Tyler Cowen, Cato’s David Boaz, and TV host John Stossel.

Click here for more details on what will certainly be a very worthwhile event.

If you are interested in attending (and you don’t have to be a student to qualify!),  registration for international persons on the website has technically closed, BUT if you are a friend of the Australian Libertarian Society, send me an email (timintheus at gmail), and not only will you be able to register, but the registration fee will be waived, and you’ll be able to attend and enjoy the libertariany goodness for free!

Let me know if you’re interested!

2 thoughts on “2011 International Students For Liberty Conference

  1. Do you honestly think you’ll get students to admit that they support repression? Whilst they’ll vote Labor, they’ll talk the Liberty talk. But they’ll still vote for suppression!

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