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  1. The speed limit increase (which is warranted and overdue) along with an overhaul of the ridiculous NSW method of revenue raising by incrementing speed zones and changing them constantly are both well overdue. These things are true.

    And whilst there is in principle no reason people should not be allowed to do burnouts per se, there is a different between doing it in a suitable place and doing it anywhere some brainless idiot decides would be appropriate like the middle of a suburban street at 3 in the morning, or just over the crest of a hill or in the middle of a city intersection, 2 of 3 of those situations putting other peoples lives at risk and all of which i’ve witnessed on more occasions than i can count.

    Whelan is arguing on one of three platforms here;

    1: The strictly ethical libertarian basis: Even on this point though(let’s admit – one that is valid – but hardly ‘real world application’ of rights sans the consideration of societies’ concerns for their environment) I’d argue that he is wrong and that, for reasons i’ve already mentioned, people do not have the right to just do burnouts wherever/whenever they like. Public endangerment is a real issue here. Not in all cases, as the current NSW nanny laws assume, as they are in fact far too broad in many instances, stepping on the rights of those they often deem as ‘offenders’

    2:As a lobby group: Good luck getting legalisation of burnouts passed as a lobbied issue rather than addressing the overarching issue of unjust legislation (which is the real point here). Who does he see as his support base? Hardly a vote deciding issue is it? Or one that is likely to get much support other than ‘wave your beer can in the air’ now that it’s about the burnouts. How did he/his team not see that footage coming before the interview? What do you think Joe Smith walked away from that interview thinking?

    3: Political: He’s doing his case a dis-service by stating that he thinks that police resources should not be wasted doing anything about burnouts instead of acknowledging that there are infringements to both peoples rights involved here (safety vs restriction of movement)and from a smart political point of view there are other solutions than just saying it’s right or wrong under all circumstances regardless of public risk. There are solutions that vastly reduce police resource commitment, increase public safety and allow people to exercise their rights in a way that they don’t disrespect other people. But that’s not what this is about clearly. I’ll paraphrase: “We at the outdoor recreation are all about getting rid of speed limits and doing burnouts on your street – vote for us”.

    On this point he’s still just acting as a lobby group rather than finding a solution that respects all stakeholders genuine interests and I’m disappointed that such an opportunity to platform take a swipe at crap NSW government policy was wasted looking like a short sighted minor party.

  2. I don’t think you understand politics too well, Chris.

    I’m not sure you understood Whelan either. He didn’t argue burnouts are OK wherever/whenever. Do you really think he would say that?

    His point was about criminalisation of victimless activities, as many burnouts are.

    As for the support base, have you had a look at how many people go to Summernats? It doesn’t matter what Joe Smith thinks; Joe Hoon finally has a political party that understands him.

  3. “He didn’t argue burnouts are OK wherever/whenever. Do you really think he would say that?”

    Inference – and no clarification to the contrary. Whelan is talking about Lewis Hamilton being branded a hoon. Was Lakeside Dr/Fitroy St in the middle of St Kilda (a busy road) a safe place to be doing it? Mark Webber commenting on the nanny laws may have been prompted by the event and brought much needed attention to the issue but that is not to say that it was acceptable for Lewis to have been doing that there and then.

  4. Well, I guess this subject is dead! Is everyone gawking at the floods? Or are you all on holidays, still?

  5. We’ve all been waiting for you Nuke. Now we can get active again.

    I have just received an email with some ‘devastating’ news, Angela Keaton has called me a pussy, something like making it to ‘Worlds Worst Person’ but without the accompanying kudos. 😦

    As result I have sunk into depression like I am certain all of the others she disapproves of have, however I will get over it in the next five minutes or so. 🙂

  6. I don’t know who Angela Keaton is, but is she as important as Gordon Geeko? (And maybe you misinterpreted her- she might have a soft spot for pussies!)

  7. I don’t know about you young blokes Nuke, Angela Keaton is one of the leading Antiwar.com people. She has announced that she will be nominating for the LP’s Presidential ticket, although I doubt she will get far with it. The LP seems to be going more mainstream if the last ticket is any indication.

    I have seen some credible stuff from her in the past but she has an unfortunate habit of going into vitriol and histrionics when disagreed with and as such has made a number of enemies. Admittedly on this occasion my mate who sent me the email was using some of my stuff to shit stir her. I actually got off lightly, she referred to, among other things to “that leather bag Geller.”

  8. Is she an American? I tend to concentrate on Australian personalities. And what sort of ‘mate’ is this? Maybe you should get better friends!

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