Herman Cain’s role in stopping Clinton Healthcare.

At last years Southern Republican Leadership Conference the most brilliant address was given by Tea Party Republican, Herman Cain. After he left the stage and the applause died down, he returned to the microphone and announced: I just want you to keep this in mind when you get to 2011, that a lot of people might be interested in seeking the Republican nomination, but I want you to remember one thing, there may also be a dark horse candidate you don’t know about. The full speech is here, and an edited version is here.

Recently he has jumped in to the race and formed an exploratory committee to assess the potential for candidacy.

He has an incredible bio, being the son of a poor farmer who left with nothing to work three jobs to educate his sons. Herman rose to the top of the business world, and now among other activities is a talk show host. Probably one of the most interesting things I have read is that he was responsible for the demise of Clinton’s healthcare proposal, after a televised town hall in which he laid out the facts.

Now a video has come to light of the actual event. Interestingly Clinton comes across as sincere here. Perhaps he had a certain intellectual honesty lacking in the present incumbent. In order to avoid the problem of the video spreading out across the page I will put it in the comments.

This round of primaries should be interesting, as apart from the usual suspects we have Herman as well as former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and the possibility of Donald Trump, who has aides leaking that he is almost certain to stand.

Of the three newbie’s, Johnson would have to be the favorite owing to having been a successful Governor. I am a bit skeptical of Trump, I know too little about him, but this guy would be an asset to the position. It should be remembered though that the last person to become President without being a Governor, Senator, or at least a Rep was Eisenhower.

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