A New Tim Project: Stop The Levy!

My apologies for once again using this as a forum for promoting another project of mine; and I promise to pay penance by writing more exclusive stuff for ALS soon, but, if I havn’t caught you in my spam-net so far (a further apology if I have and you’re utterly sick of it), I just set up www.stopthelevy.com as an online petition and information source to stop Labor’s proposed tax increase.

I won’t take up any more of your reading by arguing why this tax is a bad idea, but if you could check it out, and hopefully sign the petition, it would be appreciated (you can also , Follow it on Twitter,and “like” it on Facebook)

And yes, if Tony Abbott again proposes his silly parental-leave Levy, I promise I’ll do the same for that (still feel a tad guilty for placing my desire for a Coalition win at the last election (which I still think is a fair position from a small government perspective over all, but that’s another debate…) above going at him for that particular piece of nasty policy…)

Anyway, for something completely different, here’s a clip from Reason asking what happened to the anti-war movement:


One thought on “A New Tim Project: Stop The Levy!

  1. Donated 1k just to find out that I will now be taxed! Scums bags. Funneling people donations to politlically decided areas.

    The $50,000 no doupt is very well picked. Its above the median wage ($44k) to ensure that the overwhelming majority of australians pay nothing. Considering that its only $1.8b its clearly nothing more than a political stunt, a grap at the votes of the majority by making it look like the government is doing the right think by making the bad rich people pay for the flood they caused for abusing the enviroment.

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