8 thoughts on “Cut US government spending by 43%

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  2. Thanks Michael, I’ve been looking out for that.

    Ryan is one of the people that impress me over there. If there were more of his type of person in the GOP there would be no need for the LP other than to keep/make the bastards honest.

    I like the influence the Tea Party types are having on Congress, they seem to be making the right moves at present. It will be interesting to see if they can hold their nerve when the proposed cuts begin to bite.

  3. Paul Ryan’s speech is the future of the right-wing if it’s to stand any hope against the growing tide of “compassionate” Green socialism (in my opinion).

    He’s optimistic, but pragmatic. Compassionate (focusing on how to help the poor without talking too much about the “economy” without explaining what it means), while realistic (and mentioning how the economy helps the poor).

    Too often the right expects everyone to be economically literate. It assumes that it’s a self-evident truth that GDP is important and a strong economy matters. A lot of voters don’t get that- they just want to help the poor with handouts. They don’t understand the economics of poverty. The right needs to teach and lead- like Paul Ryan is.

  4. Shem – the right tend to get elected by people from the right. If they assume things it’s probably because it is safe to assume those things with their constituents. I do agree though that it’s nice when somebody can communicate well.

  5. Video stated, “Bush actually created 8million jobs on his watch.”

    WRONG gmo. The Bush administration lost 673,000 Private Sector jobs during his watch. [data(dot)bls(dot)gov]. I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to go direclty to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    You asked, “Obama “saved or created how many”

    ANSWER: 1.1 Million in 2010 alone.

    Keep asking questions you’ll learn.

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