Enough rules yet?

Most years now the Australian commonwealth government manages to create more laws than in the preceding year. The commonwealth government now creates more legislation per single year than it managed to create in the first 50 years of federation. At what point do we have enough rules?

7 thoughts on “Enough rules yet?

  1. Yes, we’ve had a flurry, even a flood, of new rules, BUT we’ve also had lots of progress (computers, internet, fall of communism, etc.) Quite obviously, the rules led to progress! It seems quite obvious to me! What else could have done it?

  2. Complex society lead to more rules? Preposterous. It obviously all started when the lizard men infiltrated our government and started working toward a new world order and the enslavement of man

  3. So the nature of human interaction has got 16 times (or so) more complex than in 1900. How much is a real increase in the complexity of the human condition and how much is failed attempts at social engineering and politicians who need to be seen doing something?

    I’ve always wondered why less functional legislation never seems to get repealed. It is often ignored, when more or less superseded by other legislation or when it’s just widely considered useless, but there is never an effort to get rid of the junk.

  4. Michael – the chart is worse than I think you have implied. It does not show the cumulative amount of legislation. It shows for each year how much new legislation was created in that year. In essence it is showing that the rate of creating legislation has accelerated. Integrate the curve to get the totality of legislation created.

  5. Can I ask what year that peak was? Looks late 90s so am I right in thinking it was under Howard? I ask only because I have a mild fixation on illiberal people calling themselves Liberals.

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