10 thoughts on “Ron Paul has zero chance of getting elected

  1. Don trumps Ron! It’s a Don deal. With his Trump-card of the Beauty pageant, he should get all the male voters! I think Paul has been ron-footed!

  2. It wasn’t a great speech, but with that comment I think Trump might have done his chances as well. Paul’s supporters are a minority but very relevant.

    Furthermore, trumps claim that he brings credibility (“respected again”) is not compelling.

  3. I think that Trump is on an ego drive at present. He is known to have little time for the retail end of politics and there is some indication that he would have little inclination to change his own lifestyle to suit the requirements of the office. He was responding in this case to calls from Paul supporters.

    At this point I have seen no indication that Ron is standing although his supporters will expect him to. There is a way to go before things get into full swing although there have been some possibilities who have ruled it out. I have doubts that Palin will stand as CPAC is an important venue for those who intend to and she isn’t there.

    There is little from Trump other than hints of a run and he has not changed that here. It is believed that he was invited by GOProud who are represented there for the first time.

    I am noticing that two of the lesser known potential candidates, Herman Cain and Gary Johnston are there and seem to be gaining traction among the voters.

  4. There has also been talk of Rand Paul having a go. I don’t know how likely that is in practice. Lots of libertarians in the Republican primary will be nice in terms of the debates but given the way primaries tend to work too many libertarians may split the libertarian vote early and spoil the momentum of the lead.

  5. Trump is just doing this as an ego/publicity stunt. The high chance of losing, would deter Trump from taking that risk of bruising his ego. Even getting to the presidency is usually not rewarding (Bush, Obama etc) I like Trump, but he’s not a fixer of America’s problems.

    I doubt we can get a fixer like Ron/Rand Paul, Gary Johnson et al. In that case I would rather Sarah Palin. The show would be exciting!

  6. Trump is an idiot.

    If the Republicans want a GOOD presidential candidate they should go for Gary Johnson.

    Unfortunately, knowing my luck, they’ll go for Mike Huckabee instead.

  7. I understand that Rand Paul pointed out to Trump that he had less chance than Ron. Rand is showing a great deal of promise.

    It is interesting that in the straw poll, which was won by Ron, (he always does because of the efforts to get younger people to attend) the third place went to Gary Johnston, making two libertarians in the high rankings.

    Re. your mention of Rand standing for Pres, it is unlikely that the voters would turn out in support of a junior first term senator trying for the position, … Oh yeah well … 🙂

    There are signs of a Draught Jeb Bush effort starting. Jeb is actually very good, but I doubt the electorate is quite ready for another Bush Presidency just at the moment. Apart from Johnston and Caine the cupboard is pretty bare at the moment.

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