Who to vote for in NSW?

I would not presume that I can tell anybody, let alone a libertarian, who they should vote for. None the less here is my recommendation for the NSW election.

The “Outdoor Recreation Party” is the NSW arm of the “Liberal Democratic Party“, Australia’s only registered libertarian party. The lead candidate for the Legislative Council (upper house) is David Leyonhjelm. David has been involved with the LDP for many years as a member of the federal executive and is a rock sold libertarian. All libertarians should be voting one for the “Outdoor Recreation Party” in the Legislative council.

In the Legislative Assembly (lower house) the options are less compelling. However in Penrith, Ku-ring-gai and Wollondilly there are Outdoor Recreation Party candidates. Please offer them your support if you live in those areas.  If you live in Port Macquarie I’d suggest you vote for the Nationals candidate Leslie Williams. Two reasons. One is that she has put lower taxes for NSW as her number one priority. And secondly unlike the sitting MP she isn’t Rob Oakeshott’s protege.

Please offer tips and suggestions for other seats in comments.


15 thoughts on “Who to vote for in NSW?

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  2. Given all the hard work spend building the brand name of the LDP, surely every possible thing has been tried to actually get the state name registered the same as the federal party name? Seems like a backward step running under the banner of the ORP. Can’t the members of the ORP just nominate membership for the NSW LDP to get the 500 required for rego? (I understand it is too late now, but shouldn’t have this been done ages ago?)

  3. Jeremy: I’m particular, I quote “4A 66G 2Aa”:

    (2Aa) The Electoral Commissioner may, before registering a party, require a written response from at least a specified percentage of all or any specified number of the members relied on for registration of the party confirming that they are in fact members of the party.

    That’s 750 members (yes, state registration is 750, whilst national is 500) that need to write letters in reply and post them to the electoral commissioner. If only 749 reply, we lose the $2000 application fee. We realistically need around 2000-3000 members before we can be confident with registration the way things are at the moment.

    Also, parties have to be registered at least a year before the writs for election to count for registration purposes in NSW. We would have had to been registered by the end of February last year.

  4. Jeremy: Things come considerably easier if you’ve got a sitting MP, so the best thing we can do at the moment is get David into the upper house.

  5. Well, I did my part this morning. I am one of the lucky few that had an ORP candidate in my lower house seat.

    In terms of the name, I can’t but agree. I still haven’t gotten over the name change TO the Liberal Democratic Party. The Liberty and Democracy Party was a much more appropriate name, in my opinion.

  6. “I still haven’t gotten over the name change TO the Liberal Democratic Party. ”

    That was a change BACK to the original and the best name.

  7. At least some of the independents won some upper house seats- they might be able to bargain with the 19 Liberals. And keep the Greens out of power!
    As for our name, I think we should call ourselves The Gold Party- The colour is always attractive, and it reminds people that we stand for metal-backed money, with gold as one of those metals.

  8. No, I don’t think so, but we are not officially against it, either! AND many of us think that something like a metal standard would stop politicians fiddling with the coinage- so other politicians will oppose us, as they like to dilute money. Oh, well, you can’t please everyone.

  9. It is not. And whilst I’m an advocate of a gold standard I don’t think the LDP should have a gold standard as policy until there are at least two high profile Australian economists supporting the idea.

  10. And Gold is good as a colour in its’ own right! Think of all the possible slogans- ‘Go for Gold!’, ‘Good as Gold!’, ‘The new golden Age!’, etc.
    Labour is red, Liberal is Blue, environ-mentals are Green- we need our own colour! I suggest Gold for libertarians of all types!

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