Iraq versus Libya – where are the protestors?

When it comes to wars waged by left-wing politicians, “anti-war” protestors don’t seem to care very much. If Bill Clinton or Barack Obama does it, it’s OK. If George Bush does it, it’s not.

Incidentally, if you’re an anti-war libertarian, here’s the facebook group for you.

9 thoughts on “Iraq versus Libya – where are the protestors?

  1. There’s nothing libertarian about being anti-war.
    The libertarian philosophy is about individual rights and liberties, not an absence of military force.
    Whether you support or oppose involvement in the conflict in Libya, don’t tarnish the libertarian philosophy with pacifist claptrap.

  2. Sukrit – it’s just a little disagreement between the government of Libya and a few governments in Europe and America. We should stay out of it. Nothing good will come from Australia interfering.

  3. It’s a bit silly for an Australian organisation to be campaigning for a US presidential candidate. Otherwise, fair point.

  4. Did you just work that out Sukrit? The left doesn’t really care about the lives of people in foreign countries, they care about one thing: socialism.

    They protested the Iraq war because the president was a Republican. Democrat presidents can do wrong so they will never protest wars started by democrats, just like they didn’t protest the Balkans war when Clinton was in charge.

  5. I still remember Ted Kennedy comparing the Iraq war to Vietnam, somehow ignoring the fact that his own brother was responsible for started US military involvement in that conflict.

  6. “The libertarian philosophy is about individual rights and liberties, not an absence of military force.”

    Actually, the absence of force initiation is precisely what libertarianism is about. Libertarians are defenders, not attackers.

  7. Hmmm the current libyan conflict and indeed other conflict and protest erupting throughout the middle east are about people standing up to the dictators and despots who for so long have been denyed the rights and liberties of the people they govern. Shouldn’t we as libertarians support their fight for free and better society?

  8. I dont think ‘anti-war’ in the modern definition belongs to pacifism but is more akin to non-interventionism which is a libertarian principle.

    Now i have not been around as long as other people so maybe people were protesting the world wars but from what I understand of the issue the anti-war seems libertarian to me.

  9. Si- I think it is right to support the rebels in Libya.

    I don’t think it is right for the Australian (or US) government to provide financial and military aid to the rebels paid for by taxpayers.

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