Homosexual Bashing Christian

Depending who you believe Adelaide has just had some Christians bashing homosexuals, or else some homosexuals engaged in a Christian bashing.


Guys – live and let live. Peace and love. If you want to have a bashing session do it in the ring not on the streets.

24 thoughts on “Homosexual Bashing Christian

  1. Whilst I, as an esoteric Christian, do not support Gay Lib, I also don’t think that violence solves much (depending on context, obviously). My own view is that we could all do with more self-control, all-round.

  2. I do not think there is such a thing as a ‘gay’ gene- only one person has reported finding it, and no-body else seems to have confirmed it. Also, being interested in esoteric subjects means I have heard of cases of reincarnation that suggest souls which incarnate too quickly carry over memories that cause homosexual behaviour- A Burmese woman, born around 1955, claimed to have been a Japanese soldier killed ten years earlier. The female body has exhibited male traits, become a lesbian, and has moved to Japan, which accepts such cases and takes them seriously.
    So I think that homosexual inclinations mean that previous lives are not being adequately suppressed, and that the memory of the last life is interfering with this one. (Of course, sometimes this can be useful- an eight-year-old kid in Britain has become rich because he is painting in the style of Monet, and he is being called mini-Monet! I think this is Monet returned.)
    That is why I don’t support gay lifestyles- I think it is pandering to the problem, not solving it.

  3. The problem being that souls are forgetting to forget stuff as they transition between bodies. Hmm. I can’t say I find your theory convincing but at least it’s different. What do you think is the solution to this lack of forgetfulness?

  4. The Japanese soldier only spent about ten years out of a body before incarnating again. It might take twenty or thirty years before you can safely incarnate, with the memories becoming part of your ‘sub’-conscious.
    If you looked into the whole subject of reincarnation, you might find it very convincing, as there is a lot of evidence out there. In fact, esoteric thinking is what makes me a libertarian- talents are not random and undeserved, physical good looks are the reward for previous good conduct, etc. Therefore, we don’t need a government to impart justice to an indifferent universe- therefore, goodbye socialism and Big government!

  5. If you meant, what can souls in bodies do, a psychic was once asked by a man suffering from homosexual temptations about a cure, and Cayce said that he should get a tough job on a building site- to over-emphasise the masculine side of his personality, and swamp the feminine. I suppose his advice to lesbians would be to try to work in beauty shops, or nurseries- swamp the masculine traits with feminine environments.

  6. And if you’re looking up mini-Monet, there’s a six-year-old australian girl, called Jaquelyne Ngo, who might also be a painter returned to Earth (according to Woman’s Day). Her style is a lot like Van Gogh, whose paintings she likes. She hasn’t made any money yet, because she doesn’t want to sell any of them, but if she did want to sell, galleries would buy them.

  7. He might be crackers but he has a live and let live attitude.

    That’s many times better than the policies served up to us by State, Local and Federal Governments.

  8. Hi Nuke. I have been taking your views into account and am wondering if Cleopatra had some form of multiple personality disorder, given the high number of Hollywood celebrities who claim to have been her in another life.

  9. An interesting idea, but these kids are not making any claims- they are painting, and the paintings speak for themselves! None of those celebrities actually speak the Hellenic of that time, do they? (One of them might be genuine, but how would we know?)

  10. When I wrote, ‘according to Woman’s Day’ above, it was my own interpretation of her painting skills and interests- they just talk about her talent, and how she could be rich and well-known already if she’s sold any of her work.

  11. Nuke, though at least subtly offensive, I appreciate your intriguing viewpoint. I like the idea of reincarnation, but the problem is that there are more people living today than have ever lived. Therefore, most people cannot have been reincarnated (unless you count aliens I suppose).

    I find such fanaticism on the ‘gay gene’ disturbing. As if it would be just fine to hate gay/bi people if only it were a choice. I don’t think it is generally a conscience choice, but it may be an unconscious choice as, I think, Shem Bennett has suggested. Who cares if it a choice or not? Chocolate, vanilla, both – I think it’s all good. Why get hung up about something so trivial?

  12. Dear Buddy, there are are three arguments I can give you.
    1) Yes, some souls have only bothered to incarnate a few times- that wouldn’t rebut the principle of rebirth.
    2) some major religions, such as Hinduism and buddhism, believe in transmigration- that having a human body is only one option. They believe you might come back as a dog or a cat or a rat or an elephant- whatever suits your soul’s development.
    3) the argument I prefer is the narrowing gap argument. Years ago, in a book by Helen Wambach, I came across this explanation. she tested past-life claims by taking about 1000 of them from her own files, and seeing what they said about history- That is, she tried to create a World Population graph, starting thousands of years in the past, and leading up to the present day. Very few people ‘remembered’ lives so far back, but this graph, which started off almost as a flat line, started to rise as the centuries rose, and has gone almost vertical for our age. In short, her 1000 subjects somehow co-ordinated their stories to match the actual population trend of the world. She noticed that some of their ‘memories’ had initial gaps of millenia between lives, but these were now only 30 to 40 years before souls came back.
    So my preferred counter to your argument is that souls are coming back faster, based on past-life recall.
    And I do not advocate hatred of gays- i think we could all do with self-control and self-restraint in most things!

  13. I don’t believe you are advocating hatred, but you do apparently see it as a “problem”, which you believe should be “solved”.

    Why would reincarnation have such obvious flaws? What is responsible for the flaws? Suppose there really are flaws, would they not be there for a reason? Perhaps sexuality is not a “problem” after all and simply a further expression of life.

    If Earth is like a proving ground where beings grow spiritually through experiences, wouldn’t being gay/bi or whatever be a part of that? Aren’t you potentially going to learn a lot more if you are a very different person to average people? So are gay/bi people higher beings because they’ve progressed to a higher state? (:

  14. Complete ascetic celibacy is the highest state- no sex, ever! (Did you really think spirituality would be easy?)
    And the flaw is not in reincarnation, but that souls are rushing into bodies without thinking through their recent life properly. If they weren’t impatient, the memories would be integrated into the subconscious, instead of intruding into this life.

  15. “celibacy is the highest state”

    Dunno about that. I would think that having kids would be a very high state. I would think that having kids is a greater challenge than abstaining from sex. In celibacy you’ve got masturbation, or if that’s forbidden, wet dreams will step in to take care of it.

    That divergent sexuality goes against nature may be argued. But since you apparently don’t hold nature to be very important, as you hold celibacy to be fine, I am not sure where you are able to base your position of sexuality as a problem. Select parts of the bible maybe? As you are an alternatively thinking Christian, I guess I expected more critical thinking in that regard.

  16. Oh, and just to be clear; your theory that beings are being reincarnated faster than optimal and that this subsequently causes sexual differences does not explain why it is a problem. You seem to have presupposed it as a problem and then come up with a theory that explains how the ‘problem’ has occurred. This does nothing to prove the point of discussion.

  17. I did explain it- impatience is the problem. Souls choose to rush back into matter. the original example was of the female Burmese body with a soul of a Japanese Soldier who remembered the life as that soldier, killed just ten years before the birth of the current body. those memories did interfere in this life that the soul now has.

  18. The savior didn’t endorse sinning. But he got about with the sinners and his message was about understanding and forgiveness. The Christians in question may think of homosexual “sex” as an abomination. But they cannot be too hard-edged about it lest they betray the founder of their religion. Christianity may be consistent with opposing this behavior. But not with being too vicious about it.

  19. I guess I wasn’t clear enough. Even if your theory is correct, it means nothing for my main sticking point. The theory does nothing to justify why different sexualities are ‘problems to be solved.’ It simply explains origin, and you’ve somehow extended this to justify a very negative view of sexuality.

    But, as long as you never want to violate or coerce peaceful individuals, I guess I shouldn’t care.

  20. Interesting, Nuke, that you’re willing to accept the “Asian” idea of reincarnation yet you hold to western concepts of sexuality.

    Most Asian philosophies don’t have the body/ mind dualism that western philosophy embraces. There is nothing virtuous about celibacy. In fact most Asian cultures historically have accepted homosexuality, too.

    I also think your theory fails to take into account that for a lot of gay men have no interest in femininity. It’s purely attraction. Sexual orientation and gender identity may have some overlap, but not as much as you seem to be claiming.

    In fact in Thailand the word closest to being a word for “gay” (kathoey) refers to “third gender” (feminine men/ transsexuals, gay bottoms) but gay men that are tops are just considered “men”.

  21. Dear Buddy and Shem- my concepts may not be fashionable, but i am not swayed by fashion. Rebirth, and reincarnation, are world-wide views. The hidden Jewish tradition, called Kabbalah, endorsed and embraced it. the Cathars of Southern Europe once expounded it, until the Catholics suppressed them. I think that even some islamic sufi sects believe it, as do the Druze of Lebanon.
    As for that Japanese soldiers’ soul in a burmese female body, she has found a job and acceptance in Japan, which handles such cases quietly and discreetly.

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