War on Drugs turns 40.

Today, Nixon’s War on Drugs is celebrating its 40th birthday. Nanny staters everywhere are joining with sadists, wowsers, police state groupies, and dog haters in raising the odd glass, while thinking up new ideas to get tougher on the population at large. After all, ‘if it saves one life….”

Some of the images here are sickening to the point where most of our current crop of authoritarians will probably get off on it:

Australians remember Rudd’s War on drugs, but compared to these guys, he was not really taking it seriously. Of course, his was just one of the campaigns in his wider “war on everything.”

FEE has a fitting tribute to the occasion here including Nixon’s ‘mission accomplished’ statement.

Meanwhile, Arlo Guthrie credits the Narcs for his rise to success in his own inimitable way.

2 thoughts on “War on Drugs turns 40.

  1. Where would politicians be without their wars? They can only get elected by promising to fix problems- even if they need to invent the problem! The War on Poverty was another one, and the recent War on Terror is still going on. Will it ever end?
    Of course, the voters have to be dumb to fall for this, so as soon as we raise everyone above the average I.Q. level, the politicians will be kicked out! Not long to go now, I hope.

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