Need feedback on an upcoming post…

I sincerely apologize for this post, but I have recently finished a long analysis of the recent Moral Panic over the Universal Royalty beauty pageant that was held in Melbourne a short while ago.

This analysis is quite long, and I wrote it in my typical “snark-slathered disdain” style. But I’m slightly concerned that some of the content of my article may be considered potentially offensive for some readers. As such, I’d like to ask if anyone here would be happy to read over my draft and pre-approve the content, just to make sure nothing would be too unpleasant for this blog’s readership.

Any volunteers? If so, could you provide an email address I can send the work to?

Thanks in advance.

8 thoughts on “Need feedback on an upcoming post…

  1. I agree, but the issue of rights doesn’t apply to a private blog.

    Plus, there is the fact that I wouldn’t particularly WANT to offend people here.

  2. I agree completely. Being offended is a great thing – as it can only point out your own flaws. An argument either has truth from logic or it doesn’t.

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