Daily Show: Why Is The Media Ignoring Ron Paul?

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Indecision 2012 – Corn Polled Edition – Ron Paul & the Top Tier
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9 thoughts on “Daily Show: Why Is The Media Ignoring Ron Paul?

  1. Libertarians have got to stop defending Murdoch. He’s a shadow government asset. He’s fully part of the Presidential Selection process. The last election particularly was a ridiculous dog and pony show where two illegal candidates were chosen. The Republican candidate was unpopular and basically out on his ass. Suddenly all this money starts rolling in for him and clearly it was because he was the candidate for Barry to beat. Its all just a big joke now. Watch closely for the same process to happen this time. See who gets a fantastic burst of money all of a sudden who would be acceptable to the bigshot crowd.

  2. Interesting that he should be omitted from commentary so frequently. The media does it here too, although presumably they’re just following the lead of the US. They’re way to dumb to know what they’re doing.

    Does Paul scare them? Is he perceived as a nutter? Maybe it’s because he’s running for the fourth or fifth time? I doubt if it’s ideological, because Bachman has pinched many of his ideas and she’s getting tons of coverage.

  3. People, including Australians, prefer contests with just two contenders- it keeps things simple. Boxing rings have two fighters at one time, for instance…. (hmm, things might get more interesting if they had three boxers in one ring, wouldn’t it?)

  4. Yes Australias hate horse racing and motor sports and the track and field events at the Olympics and swimming races and bingo and all those activities with more than two contenders.

  5. It is ideological.

    Bachmann is unlikely to do any of the following…
    1) Split Obama’s base by pinching anti-war voters
    2) Disprove the popular liberal/conservative dichotomy
    3) Disprove the narrative that “libertarians are crazy”
    4) Disprove the narratve that “there are no sincere libertarians, they’re all Koch-suckers”

    Paul has a large Paleocon streak so I’m hesitant to call him “one of us” per se (he clearly has much common ground with libertarians of course, far more than any other candidate besides Gary Johnson), but an ideologically consistent anti-War anti-Corporatist anti-Drug-War candidate that believes in free market economics is simply too dangerous for the establishment left (and most of the establishment right) to handle.

    They don’t want him to get coverage; his ideas are dangerous to their stranglehold on power.

    Bachmann and Palin, however, provide them with heaps of narrative-reinforcing fodder.

  6. Bachman is a conservative Christian that is happily pro-war (even the ones that you disagree with, David ;-)).

    I think it’s partially ideological, but I think it’s also partially just that Paul’s supporters inflate his levels of support by poll stacking. The media believes that “sure, he has a bunch of loud supporters, but his actual support levels in the community would be quite low because he’s so radical”. Proof of that is how in 2007 he won quite a few polls early, but then barely made a splash in the primaries. But I don’t think the theory has been properly tested- it’s bias, too. Extreme lefties like Kucinich and Nader face the same kind of thing. The media tends towards reporting on status-quo politicians, unless it’s something they can ridicule.

  7. I actually think he is too old to run now. Unless we make Rand his running mate…

    “Yes Australias hate horse racing and motor sports and the track and field events at the Olympics and swimming races and bingo and all those activities with more than two contenders.”

    I’d love to think you were right Terje, but I think you’re wrong. Sorry.

  8. Now, TerjeP, I did say ‘prefer’! Australians like all sports, but our big leagues have two teams on at one time. Things are just simpler to explain if you only need to talk about the two top contenders, to get back to the media.

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