5 thoughts on “The Constitutionality (or lack thereof) of Government’s Paper Money

  1. Whilst these comments will be appreciated by libertarians, how do we get the ordinary Australian to care? As far as they can see, paper money seems to work well, so why upset the boat, or the ship of state?

  2. This is not an issue as to why upset the boat but if you take this kind of reasoning then why have a constitution at all and why not just allow the government to do what it likes regardless of your civil and political rights?
    The constitution is there to safeguards our rights and if you view it is no longer reflecting contemporary vies then you can always have it amended. In the courts the lawyers have a field day to argue that the legislation has a certain meaning, as to get their clients off. It is all in the meaning of the legislation (which the constitution is) and sounless and until it is changed stick to it. If you don’t like it then have it amended but in the meantime is applies.

  3. The High Court judges in Australia are picked by the Prime Minister and it should come as no surprise then thet conservative legalists are placed in the High Court to find in favour of the government.

  4. Interesting interview. Just wondering where that Sean Micalif interview at the end is from, do you have a link to it? I wouldn’t mind seeing the whole thing

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