Ron Paul rocks them in debate.

Missed this one but was alerted to it by Angry Exile, who saw it on Trooper Thompson’s blog, where its pointed out that the media seems to have missed it..
Ron performs well under quite aggressive questioning. If he doesn’t get the nomination, perhaps he would be a better Secretary of the Treasury than the current one.

Update: This now seems to play after reloading it.

Trooper also gives links to CNBC cancelling its poll when Ron was well ahead, and how the Guardian avoided mentioning him by name.

All small government people should be outraged at the manipulation of the electoral process by media organizations. The manner in which Governor Gary Johnson has been excluded from the process is bizarre and disgusting. It appears that the ‘mainstream’ press are determined to create a contest between Romney and Obama.

13 thoughts on “Ron Paul rocks them in debate.

  1. I don’t know what the hell happened here, I found the same one on the same site only it worked. Everything seems to be the same including the source, go figure.

  2. No, you’ve got it wrong, Russell- the average teen is a douchebag, so Romney was just helping them become good people! (Be honest- who hasn’t wanted to torture some of the teens who inflict themselves on public spaces?)

  3. Nuke,

    I’m not sure if you’re joking or not, but if you are being serious, that kind of statement is absolutely abominable.

  4. Russell, if you’d read the item you put up, you would see that romney had nothing to do with the camps in question- two sources of funds did! Romney might literally have known nothing about the conditions in the camps- the story doesn’t claim that he does. Wouldn’t his political opponents have brought this to our attention before now, if they could tie him to it?
    For these reasons, I assumed you were exaggerating; i.e. you had a sense of humour. Maybe me and Jim and TerjeP are the only ones who have one.

  5. Nuke,

    You’re partly right; I misread the article. Romney didn’t make his money from those camps. My mistake.

    However, the fact that two of his top fundraisers DID is scary. The article said the Romney campaign was aware of the lawsuits. Plus, we all know that politicians tend to be… erm… “responsive” to the concerns of people in their finance department (including both donors and fundraisers). Basically, its more likely than not that Romney is supportive of these camps, or at least will be averse to any legislation which would damage these camps business (he wouldn’t want to alienate his top fundraisers, would he?).

  6. I still think that if Romney could have been tied to these claims, his opponents would have done it! Therefore, any links must be loose and/or deniable.
    and teenagers are still douchebags, though not evil, as it seems to be part of growing up. I’m guessing you don’t get forced into contact with them on long train journeys to and from work.

  7. Ever considered the possibility that the teenagers you are in contact with on the train don’t constitute a representative sample of everyone in the age bracket?

  8. You might be right, but since they are the ones i do regularly meet, for me, they are typical! hypothetical well-behaved teenagers are just people i might read about.

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