7 thoughts on “Talking about welfare

  1. Why aren’t there any articles on the mute findings of the IPCC, about how it’ll be decades before we come across any clear evidence that carbon is heating up the atmosphere?
    Surely that’s worth a column or two!

  2. Good to see that Jim Fryar, at Real World Libertarian, is mentioning the IPCC report! I still think we need a general Discussion column!

  3. I actually like what she says on religion. For a while I’ve thought that in a lot of poor communities one of the things that is lacking is a strong moral compass- for a lot of people stuck in welfare traps, despite my disdain for religion, I’ve often thought they’d be better off with religion (if it helped them avoid crime, etc). It neededn’t be religion specifically, but religion is definitely ONE way of incaculcating moral norms in a community.

  4. That’s a good point Shem. I have friends who are teachers who have taught in poor areas in both the state and Catholic schools. Whether it is that the teachers have more disciplinary powers or not, they say the children in the Catholic system are better behaved and on a whole get better grades.

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