CANdo Melbourne launch

CANdo isn’t a libertarian group, but they do share our preference for lower tax and economic freedoms. They are having their Melbourne launch on the 29th of June at Morgans @ 401 (401 Collins st) — including drinks, dinner and talks for $60. For more details, click the graphic below.

8 thoughts on “CANdo Melbourne launch

  1. They might not CALL themselves libertarian, but they have compatible goals. Perhaps we can make them honorary members of the LDP?

  2. I think the reason that few people make comments is because of the lack of a ‘Comments’ column, as well as the lack of a ‘Discussion’ panel. I have to keep looking to the ‘Big Brother’ article to see if Sancho has bothered to reply. Now if I saw his name on the front page, that would be like a red flag to a bull.

  3. We’re phasing out the blog element of this website, until/unless we get some more active quality libertarian bloggers who want to pick up the mantle.

    Instead, this website will be dedicated to providing updated information about libertarian events and links and interests.

    For good comments debates I suggest Catallaxy Files, and for other news, check inCISe and IPA news (on the right column).

  4. Hmm. Catallaxy is certainly robust. Not exactly the place to discuss and work through concepts though.

    I’ve nutted through what I believe to be a useful resolution of the short comings of Georgism which also then resolves one of the major shortcomings of libertarianism. If this site was still kicking over, I’d put it here, but given it seems to have lost its flow..

  5. Why not ask those nice people at Catallaxy to print your article? Or send it to them and let them display it? Even if the response is robust, you’l get a lot to think about!

  6. They mention Georgism and Georgists over on Catallaxy! Some professor is over here promoting a book (The clash of Economic ideas), and the history of economic beliefs is discussed. So, all you Georgists, you now know where to go!

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