Who Should I Vote For In The US Election?

Yesterday, I received my absentee ballot for the US election.

I remain genuinely undecided as to who to vote for between Mitt Romney and Gary Johnson.

I was initially intending to vote for Gov. Johnson, however I am rather compelled by the argument that with 3 SCOTUS justices in all likelihood retiring  in the next presidential term, that this election has slightly some long-term ramifications in an area where I do believe Romney will be significantly better to President Obama.

On the Other hand… it is Romney.

So. Crowd-sourcing here. What should I do?

Potential relevant factor: I am registered in Virginia where the RCP Polling Average has Obama leading by just 0.4%.

14 thoughts on “Who Should I Vote For In The US Election?

  1. I’m not an American, so it’s hypothetical for me. But, as far as I know, Romney hasn’t answered the question about what he’d do if ordered by the head of his church to take a particular position. There’s no possible way I could vote for a magic underpants wearer until he answered that question.

  2. Gary Johnson. Because it’s not going to come down to your single vote. Because every vote Johnson gets is encouragement for his ongoing political career and the careers of other potential libertarian minded candidates.

    Play the long game for liberty! Besides you’ll be able to look yourself in the mirror afterwards too 🙂

  3. Republicans are bad, really bad, but Democrats are much worse. Romney mightn’t get US out of the hole, but Obama will keep digging it up.
    Question to gib:
    What Obama would do if ordered by Jeremiah Wright to take a particular position? Sorry to sound crude, but your original question and reasoning seems to be a bit silly.

  4. Can ya tell me 3 things of wtf obama has done for the USA, since getting elected (?) And i don’t mean, getting into or starting any conflicts, etc.etc. The war horse machine is a bloody big money spending hole, that sucks and sucks the life out of countrys ! There is SFA, i can really name for ya…. sorry, but like the labor party in Australia, it’s the most shameful era of time,that I can think of in my life [almost 50 years now, on the planet earth] It scares the shit out of me ,”Can it get any bloody worse, that it is ,I ask ya ?”…..

  5. That would also be a good question for Obama about his preacher. But I’m less concerned about that, since he is not his current preacher, and has denounced some of Wright’s remarks. Plus, Mormanism is more authoritarian than Protestantism. To be a good Mormon, Romney has to pretty much obey the leader of the church. Obama, as a Protestant, is free to choose whatever preacher he wants, and whether or not to follow what he says. Catholics are more of a worry than Protestants, since they are meant to follow what the Pope says, although in practice they’re not usually as gung-ho about it as Mormons…

  6. Yes. Voting for the candidate who will install judges who can be trusted to rule against birth control, gays and women in all circumstances is the right choice for freedom.

  7. Sancho, it’s what God (the leader of the planet Kolob) would want. You’re just making it sound silly.

  8. Johnson seems quite sane and reasonable. His policies would turn half of the US states into mediaeval theocracies while the rest get ruled directly by banks, but at least he’s consistent.

    He’s okay with evolution, abortion, drug law reform, immigration, homosexuality and military cuts, so most “libertarians” wouldn’t vote for him with an unregistered, straw-purchased gun to their head.

    He’s even suggested that science and communism aren’t the same thing. Guy doesn’t have a chance.

    If he really wants a shot at the White House he’d better start talking about genocide conspiracies, race wars and how socialised welfare payments aren’t socialised welfare payments when they go to registered Republicans.

  9. But does the Libertarian candidate have any chance of getting noticed? It looks like the Americans will be presented with only Obama or Romney. So which of these should they go for?
    how many Sanchos do we have? comment #9 seems very sensible!

  10. Obama’s policies seem to be costed for the most part, Romney’s aren’t. Obama’s policy positions have been consistent, Romney’s position changes to suit the particular audience. This time around Obama’s policies contain a lot (perhaps too much) detail and Romney has been speaking about grand intentions with no explanation of how he’ll legislate these intentions into reality in practice. Better the honest man that you disagree with than the man who tells you what you want to hear but has no intention/ability to follow through. Johnson doesn’t have a chance so as much as I hate to use the phrase; it would be a ‘wasted vote’.

  11. gov johnson was part of an informal discussion on the final romney v obama debate, just search for philly D and sourcefed on youtube. The vid is an hour long, and shows the layperson who may have been oblivious to a third option that there is another choice.

    Check it out if you would like to see how he would answer the same questions that were posed in the final debate. Maybe that might help any dual nationalor whatnot living here in Aus

  12. Just vote for the tallest guy! That’s what they did in past elections. To them with a little more height, the highest office in the land is given….

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