Seasteading video

The arguments used in this short video also eloquently explain the arguments for federalism and political decentralisation. More competing governments will give us more experiments, policy evolution and better public policy. More information about the Seasteading Institute can be found at their website.

3 thoughts on “Seasteading video

  1. As ‘Les miserables’ shows, people want some romance! Let’s just overthrow the state, violently, with lots of battles, and stirring speeches, and then we can enforce equality on everyone!!!

  2. Hmmm… there are already several city states around – Dubai, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein… I don’t see big government states rushing to copy them.

  3. But are those city-states places you’d want to emulate? Dubai has a muslim law code, Hong Kong is at the mercy of its’ Communist neighbour, and leichtenstein is surrounded by, and dominated by, the EU. Singapore is an authoritarian state.
    Also, none of these cities was explicitly established to be a showcase of Free Enterprise- none ot them has a free-enterprise Constitution.

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