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Come and join us at the Sydney City RSL for the 1st Australian Libertarian Conference  on the 6th and 7th of April– listen to some of the best and brightest national and international speakers, meet other libertarians, and enjoy a fun-filled weekend of learning, friendship and the inevitable arguing that comes from putting more than one libertarian in a room at the same time.

Special guest speaker is Dr Tom Palmer from the Atlas Network and Cato Institute in the USA.

Other guest speakers include Cassandra Wilkinson, Prof Sinclair Davidson, Dr Eric Crampton, Adam Creighton, A/Prof Jason Potts, Dr Ben O’Neil, The Hon Dr Peter Phelps MLC, Dr Michael Keane, Bob Day AO, Chris Berg, Tim Wilson, Tim Andrews, Cr Clinton Mead, Jennifer Buckingham, and many more.

The conference is being run by the Australian Libertarian Society (ALS), and is being co-sponsored by the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA), the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) and Mannkal Economic Education Foundation.

Pricing & registration

For two days of exciting speakers and good debate, and a two-course Saturday dinner at Bar Luca, the early bird price is only $100 for adults and $70 for students. Day sessions include tea/coffee, but you will need to arrange for your own lunch. The dinner will include a presentation by Tom Palmer, who is scheduled to talk about libertarianism in the Middle East and around the developing world. Prices will increase closer to the event, but for the moment, the pricing schedule is below:


Saturday sessions: $40
Sunday sessions: $40
Saturday dinner: $40
Package deal: $100


Saturday sessions: $30
Sunday sessions: $30
Saturday dinner: $30
Package deal: $70

You can register and pay either by cheque, direct debit, or online credit card payment. If you pay by cheque or direct debit, please make sure to also e-mail your details to Tim Andrews ( at the same time so we can record your payment and ensure you are properly registered. Also, if you think you have a good reason why you should be given a discounted price, please e-mail and we will consider on a case by case basis.

* For online registration and payment, please visit our sister site hosted by the Australian Taxpayers Alliance.

* Cheques can be made payable to “Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance” and mailed to PO Box A2208, South Sydney, NSW, 1235.

* Direct debit can be sent to “Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance” (BSB 012-019, Account 1844-52668).

17 thoughts on “Australian libertarian conference

  1. Won’t the 6-7 April weekend be the days we change from daylight saving back to normal time? Be sure to tell the foreigners about that!

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  5. Apparatchik central for the right wing and their cliques

    A bit expensive

    Will Ms Wilkinson spill the beans on the corrupt factions of n.s.w??


  6. Wheres p.v.o in all this??

    Why dont you get George Megalogenis involved and come to Melbourne….

    He has a lot of great things to say!!

    Better cafes and coffee…

  7. Will this event be televised???

    Please say yes!!


    Lose the arrogance and become more hipster liberatarian….

    Chill out …..

  8. Ms Wilkinson has a corrupt smugness about her ,that its cute!!

    I suppose you have to change careers when you work for the most corrupt alp state in Australia…

    Cass ,you were chosen for the wrong reasons darls!!

    Repugnant apparatchik and horrible role model for female politicos

    Should we even talk about her sleazy husband….

    Sad really

    Best if luck kuds

  9. Can you please stop referring these people as outsiders on the a.b.c Johnathan Greene

    They are apparatchiks married to the mob or friends with advisors…etc

    Tim Wilson is friends with Abbotts sister as shes gay…

    The list goes on

    Boozy corporate functions cinfirm that

    Others are schmoozing with ir having

  10. Typing errors and grammatical erratic syntax due to dodgy mobile

    Just to clarify

    Its sad that the right need to justify their cloaked bigotry with conferences like these…

    Foid for

  11. Weirdos……

    At least we.dont see any bow_ties at this event!!!



  12. well done. Hey George, why do you think Libertarians are right wing. Individual liberty on a social level is sooo Left Wing. Time everyone looked at the Nolan chart and discovered that the left-right dichotomy does not work. Libertarians are UP-Wing, and seldom Up themselves

  13. Just a quick update. The “early-bird” prices are now over and the package deals have increased to $80 for students and $110 for adults. Still great value given the line up of quality speakers… which now also includees James Morrow, Mark Hornshaw, Brad Taylor, and Jeremy Shearmur.

    See you there. 🙂

  14. Heya 🙂

    The page says registration for the package deal is $100, but when I got to register it’s saying $110. What’s the deal? Thanks.

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  16. One of the best week-ends I have ever had. Ideas for personal freedom and responsibility in bucket loads. The sweet smell of liberty…….the vision of freedom from the power of a coercive bloated state and its corrupted allies: the colluding corporates, unions, NGO’s, bureaucracy, academics and the group-think dictats of self-appointed “intellectual elites” and “experts”.
    All control (of our own lives, thoughts and speech) to us, the people!

  17. Could not get to the weekend… travel constraints… but did spend time watching “We the Living” on DVD. Banned in Italy in the 1940’s, grainy black and white, with subtitles, but oh so timely

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