3 thoughts on “Vote “no” on the constitutional amendment

  1. I’ll play Devil’s Advocate– vote ‘YES’!!! The Federal Govmint (the mint that no-one likes) has lots more money that the States, so now the counties will be able to build all those Opera Houses and museums that people can’t get enough of! And federal subsidies mean that States won’t be able to simply get rid of counties they dislike.
    So vote yes for a monument in every street!

  2. what – the corrupt Brimbank Council now will be protected by Capital Hill against those evil people in power at the moment in Spring St.
    How else is an ex-footballer (hopeless ruckman) meant to get a boast up into state politics and make us feel guilty living in an Mc Mansion.

    the first rat is – no Governement money for a No Case.
    enough said.

  3. My trouble is that, as a libertarian, I like the idea of small-area governments, so I like the potential in local governments, but I want a system more like the Swiss Cantons, with a very-limited Federal Government. This referendum won’t be the first step to that, but it makes folks aware of their existence. Also, I think that local governments should have a representative in the state upper house- or perhaps two, one voted for directly by the voters, and one appointed by the local government.

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