The Libertarian Primary: Ron Paul vs Gary Johnson

When I was in Australia last week, libertarians all asked me my thoughts on Ron Paul’s candidature. And when I told them all that I wasn’t supporting the Good Doctor, but rather, his rival, Governor Gary Johnson, I got this stunned look… this silence… I mean, how could any decent libertarian oppose Ron Paul?

Well, in my mind, the answer to that is easy. And it comes in the form of Governor Gary Johnson, a down the line libertarian who wants to cut taxes, cut spending, end the nanny state, and has the history to prove it. I admit, I was skeptical at first, but upon hearing him, I was a convert, and you should be too.

Firstly, let us look at his history. Gov. Johnson started his own business – he was his own employee – in New Mexico, as a 23 yo. Within 20 years he singlehandedly grew this backyard business to over 1000 employees, and, was became of New Mexico’s largest businesses.Not bad, I would say! So he obviously has executive experience. But what about political?

Well, when he ran for Governor – without any (real) Republican Party backing, in a heavily Democratic State (voter Registration was 2-1 in favour of the Democrats), he was thought of as a joke by all. Except somehow he won. And then, after his first term, he won re-election with an even bigger margin, and was term-limited out of running again with record high approval ratings.

All well and good, you may say, but how does he stand on the issues? Well, the easy argument for me to make would be the fact that he veto’d more government spending bills than every other governor combined, cut taxes, and cut the size of government. In record numbers.

Now, at this point, you would think Gov. Johnson a fairly good libertarian, and a pretty good contendor for our vote in the 2012 primary. If it wasn’t for Dr. Ron Paul. I mean, we all love Ron Paul. He’s libertarianism incarnate, right?

Well, no. Not really. Even if we were to ignore Gov. Johnson’s business experiences, even if we  were to ignore his executive experience, even if we were to ignore his proven political track record, he still pull up far ahead of Ron Paul. And, as much as I admire Ron Paul, facts are facts.

As GMU Professor and Reason Contributor Ilya Somin States:

“The difference between the two is strikingly large. As I explained back when Paul ran in 2008, he has very non-libertarian positions on free trade, school choice, and especially immigration. He also believes that Kelo v. City of New London was correctly decided because he thinks the Bill of Rights does not apply to the states. The latter is theoretically compatible with being a libertarian; one can believe that the Constitutionshould protect us against various forms of oppression by state governments, but simply fails to do so. But Paul’s position is at odds with most modern research on the original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment, and with the views of virtually all libertarian constitutional law scholars. It also bodes ill for the nature of his judicial appointments in the unlikely event that he actually wins the presidency.

On all of these issues, Johnson is clearly superior to Paul from a libertarian point of view. He supports school choice and free trade agreements, he’s as pro-immigration as any successful politician can be, and he believes that the Bill of Rights constrains the states as well as the federal government.”

So there we have it. Not only does Gov. Johnson have the executive experience to govern, and the political experience to win, he is – hands down – much, much, much more down the line libertarian than Ron Paul.

So, when things come down to the wire, we have, in Gov. Johnson, a hardcore libertarian on every issue, who ticks every box we want in a candidate. And sure, he will never win the primary as he believes pot should be legalised, be he is still our guy. And we should support him.

And, unlike Ron Paul (who I really do love!) isn’t batshit insane to boot…

Those Evil Koch Brothers! They MUST be stopped!

As some of you may have seen, our beloved taxpayer-funded ABC decided to do this “expose” of the evil Koch Brothers on The Hungry Beast last night:

Except I don’t think that this clip does justice to just how evil the Koch Brothers really are. So, this has been floating around the net for a few weeks now, but, in case you havn’t seen it, here are further reasons why The Evil Extremist Ultra-Conservative Kochs MUST be stopped at all costs:

The KOCH brothers must be stopped. They gave $40K to Scott Walker, the MAX allowed by state law. That’s small potatoes compared to the $100+ million they give to other organizations. These organizations will terrify you. If the anti-union thing weren’t enough, here are bigger and better reasons to stop the evil Kochs. They are trying to:

  1. decriminalize drugs,
  2. legalize gay marriage,
  3. repeal the Patriot Act,
  4. end the police state,
  5. cut defense spending.

Who hates the police? Only the criminals using drugs, amirite? We need the Patriot Act to allow government to go through our emails and tap our phones to catch people who smoke marijuana and put them in prison. Oh, it’s also good for terrorists.

Wikipedia shows Koch Family Foundations supporting causes like:

  1. CATO Institute
  2. Reason Foundation
  3. cancer research ($150 million to M.I.T. – STOP THEM! KEEP CANCER ALIVE!)
  4. ballet (because seriously: FUCK. THAT. SHIT.)

The Kochs basically give a TON of money (millions of dollars) to the CATO Institute. Scott Walker, $40K? HAH! These CATO people are the REAL problem. They want to end the War on Drugs. Insane, right? We know that the War on Drugs keeps us SAFE from Mexicans and keeps all that violence on their side of the fence. More than 30,000 Mexicans killed as of December! Thank God Mexican lives don’t count as human lives. Our government is doing a good, no, a great job protecting us and seriously, who cares about brown people or should I say non-people? HAHAHA! Public unions are good, government is good, and government protects us from drugs and brown people. The Kochs want to end all that. Look, as far back as 1989 CATO has been trying to decriminalize drugs. Don’t worry, nobody listens to them because they are INSANE.

CATO also rejects the Patriot Act. How can you hate the Patriot Act? Are you not American? They made it easy for you to understand by putting the word “Patriot” in the legislation. That means you should vote YES. Giving up our civil liberties is not a big deal. We need our government. Whether it’s Obama or Bush, we can all agree that the TSA is really good at what they do. God, those patdowns feel SOOOO good.

The Kochs also support Reason Foundation. You don’t know about that? Let me tell you. Basically, REASON Foundation is a bunch of cop haters. Last month, they did a “news” (as if we wanna know!) story on three cops that beat up an unarmed black kid. In the aftermath, the cops were suspended, sat around doing nothing and got paid (like that’s a bad thing!). I don’t know about you, but that puts a smile on my face for four reasons:

  1. I hate black people,
  2. I love the police,
  3. I love it when police beat up black people for no reason,
  4. I love that it comes out of taxpayers’ money, because it’s not like it’s really my money.

The Kochs are trying to end this. The Kochs must be stopped.

CATO trying to cut defense spending:

Gay marriage. YUCK. That’s just obvious. If the KOCH Brothers have their way, there will be homos getting married left and right. Here’s another scary thought: gays raising children.

Here are some videos from Glenn Greenwald, one of those “gays.” He writes for the liberal, but don’t let that fool you. He’s in the Koch Brothers’ pocket. Here are some videos to prove my point:

Here’s Glenn Greenwald talking about drug-decriminalization at REASON:

Yeah, he’s that Glenn Greenwald that also defends WikiLeaks.

If there’s one thing I know about billionaires, it’s that they only care about money. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and George Soros. They aren’t fooling me. Bill Gates isn’t fooling me with his vaccination campaign in Africa. He’s just trying to make African children live longer so they will buy more copies of Windows. Wow. Not even trying to hide it.

Now, I don’t know why the KOCH brothers want gay people to have the right to marry. Everybody knows marriage is for a man and a woman. Even Obama believes that. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve amirite? I haven’t figured out the angle, yet. Maybe it’s like this:

  1. legalize drugs
  2. legalize gay marriage
  3. sell drugs, oil and Koch napkins to gays at their weddings
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT$

I don’t know exactly how it would work, but we can all agree that they’re evil. Think about it. CATO and REASON are the only institutions OPENLY advocating these positions. Who would do such a thing? Have they no shame? Minority opinions MUST BE SILENCED.

Anyway, we must reject everything that the KOCH brothers do in Wisconsin and around the country. We will succeed as long as we stick to the GROUP-&-THINK.

YES WE CAN. The truth is always simple. You’re either with us or against us.
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Stop the Koch menace.