Support an NBN? Then vote out Labor!

Coalition victory could trigger Internode fibre rollout

Some quotes from the article:

“Internode chief Simon Hackett has revealed to the Financial Review newspaper that he expects the Coalition to win the next Federal election and cancel the National Broadband Network; an event which could potentially result in Internode becoming a public company and rolling out its own fibre infrastructure.”

“If the NBN stops, there are clear avenues to go out and build fibre networks and then the case for listing is much stronger.”

Hopefully once the threat of subsidised government competition goes away, we might actually get efficient cheap fast broadband in Australia that we don’t have to pay both inflated monthly fees and extra tax for.

Carbon tax “compensation”

This is an analysis of the income tax compensation offered under Labor’s proposed carbon tax.

Firstly, lets have a look at the 2010-2011 tax brackets, taking into account the LITO (Low Income Tax Offset):

Bracket 2010-2011 Rate
$0-$16000 0%
$16000-$30000 15%
$30000-$37000 19%
$37000-$67500 34%
$67500-$80000 30%
$80000-$180000 37%
$180000- 45%

Lets have a look at the proposed 2012-2013 rates, again, taking into account the LITO, which has now been reduced from $1500 to $445, and had it’s withdrawal rate reduced from 4% over $30000 to 1.5% over $37000.

Bracket 2012-2013 Rate
$0-$20542 0%
$20542-$37000 19%
$37000-$66667 34%
$66667-$80000 32.5%
$80000-$180000 37%
$180000- 45%

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