ALS poll: best solo blogger?

The new ALS poll question asks you who is the best Australian libertarian solo-blogger?

This is a good opportunity for you to check out some Australian libertarian blogs that you might not have checked out before. If you haven’t visited Fleeced, Pommygranate, Double Think or Real World Libertarian before, then go have a look.

The more famous bloggers on the list include Andrew Norton (who claims in vain not to be a libertarian) and Jennifer Marohasy, and I’ve also included a few of the “old hands” of Australian libertarian blogging who have been quiet lately (The Raving Wingnut, A Yobbo’s View, Bovination). Other blogs on the list include James Waterton’s The Daily Constitutional, Melbourne activist PRODOS, the econoblog Institutional Economics and thinker & artist Chris Berg.

I tried to include every libertarian solo political blogger, but if I have forgotten somebody then please tell me so that we can update the ALS links.

The highly scientific results to the last question are now available. In response to the question “if the government must act on climate change, which should it do“, 60% of people supported a carbon tax offset with other tax cuts while 22% refused to answer the question. Other options, such as nationalising the energy industry, introducing carbon trading or picking winners, got a handful of votes each.

UPDATE 24/05: Terje pointed out that I didn’t include Graeme Bird’s blog and I also realised (to my embarassment) that I hadn’t included long-time Australian libertarian blogger Tex & his whackingday blog. Both have now been added, but that means the voting had to be re-set. Apologies.