The ALS attempts to maintain a complete library of all Australian libertarian websites. If you know of any links that we’ve missed, please get in contact.


Australian libertarian politics

Liberal Democratic Party — Australia’s only registered libertarian political party, the LDP was started in 2001 by John Humphreys. The current President is Peter Whelan. In 2013 the party scored 4% of the national Senate vote and David Leyonhjelm was elected as Senator for NSW. That makes the LDP the 5th largest party in Australia behind the Liberals-Nationals, Labor, Greens and Palmer.

Stewart Glass — Stewart is an Adelaide-based libertarian independent who ran in the 2007 federal election and the 2010 South Australian election.

Shooters & Fishers Party –Formerly the Shooters Party, the SFP is mostly active in NSW, where they have two representatives in the upper house. Not a libertarian party, but with some elements of a libertarian agenda.

Sex Party — Set up to defend the sex industry, sexual free choice and oppose censorship (and some other stranger policies). Not a libertarian party, but with some elements of a libertarian agenda.

Pirate Party — A newly registered party that was formed to defend internet freedom and civil liberties. Not a libertarian party, and with some anti-libertarian elements, but also with some elements of a libertarian agenda.

Smokers’ Rights Party — Single-issue party run mostly by libertarians who argue against the growth of the nanny state, especially with regards to the unpopular minority of smokers.

FREE Australia Party — An unregistered party that was formed by people opposed to restrictive legislation applying to motorbike riders. Not a libertarian party, but with some elements of a libertarian agenda.

Tim Wilson — One of the good guys fighting for freedom within the Liberal Party (Victoria).


Australian libertarian or classical liberal groups

Centre for Independent Studies — Perhaps Australia’s most successful think-tank, the CIS has been running for over 30 years promoting classical liberalism and small government. The CIS is Sydney based and is run by Greg Lindsay, and publishes research by Rob Carling, Jess Brown, Stephen Kirchner, Jennifer Buckingham and many others.

Institute of Public Affairs — Australia’s oldest think-tank, the IPA recently won the Atlas Foundation award for best free-market magazine (IPA Review). It is based in Melbourne and is run by John Roskam, and publishes research by Chris Berg, Tim Wilson, Julie Novak and many others.

Quadrant — Wide-ranging magazine which sometimes has a libertarian-leaning.

Mannkal Economic Education Foundation — Run by successful WA miner, Ron Manners, the Mannkal Foundation has been providing resources to the libertarian movement in Australia for decades.

The Mule Watch — a news aggregation website which keeps an eye on “big government”, put together by Dr Washington Sanchez and Dr Peter Rohde.

Liberty Australia — the home of Mises in Australia, LA is a central portal for radical libertarian and anti-war news and views. Contributions by Michael Conaghan, Sukrit Sabhlok, Luke McGrath, Anthony Coralluzzo and more. — a resource for radical libertarianism, including anarcho-capitalism. Backed by Nev Kennards and run by Benjamin Marks, this website includes contributions from Justin Jefferson and Ron Kitching.

Institute for Economic Justice — a Melbourne based group that hosts the Australian Adam Smith Club.

Bert Kelly Research Centre — free-market group that hosts the Samual Griffith Society

Monorealism — philosophy website run by Gold Coast based Objectivist Robin Craig

Peace, Prosperity & Freedom club — an effort of the Sydney-based Marks brothers

Mises Seminar — A joint production of Liberty Australia, and Aussienomics, hosting speakers on Austrian economics.


Libertarian blogs

Catallaxy Files — Australia’s biggest and oldest libertarian blog, catallaxy was set up by Jason Soon and is now run by Sinclair Davidson. The blog is famous for it’s “robust” comment section.

inCISe blog — From the Centre for Independent Studies

Andrew Norton — Pitched as “Carlton’s only classical liberal”, Andrew previously wrote at Catallaxy but in 2006 he started his own blog. He is one of the more high-profile Liberal party members in libertarian circles.

Aussienomics — A blog with an Austrian economics perspective which “supports the free market economy, private property, sound money and peaceful international relations while opposing most government intervention as economically and socially destructive”.

The Econ Student — Justin Campbell

Skeptic Lawyer — Helen Dale originally wrote at both Catallaxy and Thoughts on Freedom, but in 2007 she teamed up with “Legal Eagle” to start a libertarian-leaning legal blog.

Institutional Economics — Free-market economics blog run by CIS economist Stephen Kirchner.

Jennifer Marohasy — A blog primarily dedicated to free-market environmentalism, and questioning the instictive socialism of the “deep green” movement.

Green Whiskers — Henry Ergas (links to his “Australian” blog)

PRODOS blog —  Run by Australia’s most prominent objectivist, Melbourne-based PRODOS, this blog is a portal into his many projects.

Real-World Libertarian — This “right-libertarian” blog is run by Jim Fryar, who was a veteran of Australia’s first libertarian political party, “The Workers Party”.

Henry Thornton — Regular commentary and market analysis by free-market economist “Henry Thornton”. His website also including contributions from a range of other (libertarian and non-libertarian) authors.

Western Lines — Ralph Butigeig

Menzies House — Group blog with contributors across the “centre-right” spectrum, with Tim Andrews as editor.

Mothy Press — Tim Humphries

John Humphreys — founder of the Australian Libertarian Society & Liberal Democratic Party now has his own blog.

Unbridled Truth — Robert Candelori

Jarrah Job — moderate libertarian and all-round good guy

Thinking out loud — Lorenzo

Free-market Liberal — Julie Novak

Andrew Bolt — not libertarian, but not bad

Currency Lad — not libertarian, but not bad

Bovination — Strawman


Dead or dying blogs

Wackingday — Tex (finished blogging in 2011)

Danny Haynes (last post 2010)

Austrolabe — Muslim libertarian Amir Butler covers issues both religious and political (last post 2009)

The Daily Constitutional — Jame Waterton (last post 2009)

Chris Berg — General-topic blog by Chris Berg (last post 2011)

Sick of politics — Jason Soon’s new blog (last post 2010)

Will Church — (last post 2010)

Louise’s liberal blog — Louise Staley (last post 2009)

Double Think — Jono (last posts in 2010)

Inside the mind of Tim — Tim Andrews (last post in 2011)

Yobbo’s View — Sam Ward (last post 2010)

Catallactics Club — Collection of people (last post 2011)

Australian gun owners — David Leyonhjelm (last post 2011)

Extreme Capitalists — Dan Farmilo & John Tate (last post in 2010)


Single-issue campaigns & other websites

Access Card No Way
Australian Privacy Foundation
Australian Environmental Foundation
Institute for Private Enterprise
Electronic Frontiers Australia
Eros Association
Family and Friends for Drug Law Reform
Nimbin Hemp Embassy
NSW Council for Civil Liberties
Queensland Council for Civil Liberties
H.R. Nicholls Society
Samuel Griffith Society
Henry Thornton
Independent Contractors of Australia
Institute for Economic Justice (Adam Smith Club)
Lavoisier Group
Coalition of Law-Abiding Sporting Shooters (CLASS)
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
The Rathouse
Libertus (censorship)
Watch on Censorship
Private Doctors of Australia
Daily Reckoning
Brookes News
Institute for Private Enterprise

International Links

International Society for Individual Liberty
Reason Online
Foundation for Economic Education
Anti-state (market anarchism)
Heritage Foundation
Fraser Institute (Canada)
Independent Institute
Locke-Smith Institute
US Libertarian Party
ACT NZ’s liberal party
Free State Project
Problems with Gun Control
Climate Audit
American Enterprise Institute
Libertarian International Organisation
Libertarian International
Austrian Economists blog
AEI-Brookings Joint Center
Mises Institute
Becker-Posner blog
Samizdata (UK libertarian blog)
World Growth
Bryan Caplan (includes Libertarian Purity Test)
David Friedman webpage
Advocates for Self Government (includes Political Quiz)
Libertarian Alliance

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