Cigarette plain packaging, has it worked on illicit drugs?


Today Big Prohibition is celebrating its High Court victory over ‘Big Tobacco’ on the issue of plain packaging of cigarettes.  Tobacco companies had challenged the legislation to have all cigarettes sold in drab green packs without logos or company identification on the basis of denial of intellectual and other property rights.

In retrospect, this may have been a mistake as property rights are not a widely respected concept in Australia.  Rural landholders have largely borne the brunt of the assault on private property until now with a myriad of laws restricting their rights to carry out activities, from building right through to weed control.  A quick check with them would have let Phillip Morris know, it was flogging a dead horse on the issue. Continue reading

Not a Racist? Prove it!

I had to re-read this article a couple times to make sure I was understanding it correctly:

“Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma wants the burden of proof in cases of racial discrimination to fall on the alleged offender, instead of the person making the complaint.”

No more innocence until proven guilty?

“Mr Calma said Australia’s laws made it difficult to prove there had been discrimination.”

Well then, let’s make it easier by eliminating the need for proof entirely.  Unless you want to prove your innocence, that is.

Bolt and Blair are on the case.

[Hat tip: Andrew Bolt]