Higgins & Bradfield by-elections

The Liberals have won comfortably in both the Melbourne-based Higgins and Sydney-based Bradfield by-elections, getting over 50% of the primary vote.

The Labor Party didn’t run in either electorate, so it was the Green Party that was the major opposition. In Higgins (Melbourne) the Greens picked the anti-growth, anti-development, anti-capitalist, anti-internet, anti-sex campaigner crazy Clive Hamilton… who managed to pick up a respectable 35%. I hope that a lot of that is a protest, or simply an anti-Liberal vote, because it’s scary to think that 35% of voters want us to be poorer.

Of the minor parties, the best performances came from the Sex Party (3.4%, 3.5%) and the Democratic Labour Party (2.1%, 3.9%). The Democrats (remember them?) got 2.4% in Higgins, One Nation did poorly (0.3%, 0.6%) and surprisingly Family First didn’t run. In Bradfield the Christian Democrats got 3.4% of the vote spit between 9 candidates, including the donkey vote.

Interestingly, there were three climate change specific parties. The climate skeptics got 1.7% and 1.8%, which was quite good considering they didn’t get their party registered in time and so had to run as independents. The climate change alarmists got 1.1% (Bradfield), and the nuclear energy mob got 1% (Bradfield).

The Liberal Democrats got 0.4% 0.5% (Higgins) and 0.7% 0.8% (Bradfield). It doesn’t look like much, but it is an improvement on the 2007 federal election. For instance, in 2007 the LDP got 0.1% in Wentworth (Sydney), 0.1% in Bennelong (Sydney), and 0.1% in La Trobe (Melbourne). At this rate of improvement, they’ll be in power in 10 years.

LDP – Australia’s only “registered” libertarian party

LDPAs many of our regular readers probably already know, some of us here at the Australian Libertarian Society are also affiliated with the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP). I stood as a senate candidate for the LDP on the NSW ticket at the 2007 federal election and I was a member of the National Executive up until January 2008. The LDP is a moderate party of reform with a core libertarian philosophy.

Peter Whelan (current LDP President) has asked me to help promote the NSW division of the LDP as it works to build up party membership in NSW. A lot of people may not realise that registering a political party is a very onerous task and membership is a key regulatory hurdle. A party can only contest elections if it is registered in the relevant juristiction. Whilst the LDP is now registered for ACT elections and for Federal elections it is not yet registered for NSW elections. So if you’re not already a member of the LDP and you would like to see the LDP on the ballot at the next election then joining the party is an easy way to lend a hand. Being a member need not entail any effort at all other than confirming your membership as and when the relevant electoral commission asks you. You can even join for free.

The NSW division meets every third Thursday of the month. You can join the party on the evening. The details for the next meeting are on the LDP blog:-


The main website for the LDP is here: http://www.ldp.org.au/

The ALS and the LDP are independent and separate organisations.