Libertarian of the month Award

This is an entirely new segment I thought I’d try out, my initial idea was to rank every single parliamentarian on their voting record and things they’ve said, but this way is a lot easier to adjust from month to month and politicians may one day wear it as a badge of honour.

The award is for a parliamentarian, either a Member of the House or a Senator, that has done the most to further the cause of liberty in the past month.

My original choice and now runner up is The Hon. Member for Griffith Kevin Rudd who has done more to convince people of the stupidity and futility of government than any parliamentarian who calls themselves a liberal or libertarian ever has. One has to wonder whether he isn’t secretly a libertarian, trying to discredit all the statists.

But in the past few hours more events have transpired and someone else has surpassed him in furthering the cause of liberty, and this time it seems as though it was more intentional.

So the inaugural recipient of ALS Libertarian of the month award for February is:

The Hon. Member for Wentworth and Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband Malcom Turnbull MP, for calling for a vote of no confidence against a government that has destroyed a budget surplus, increased the already mind boggling regulations on businesses, continued to roll out middle class welfare and introduced arguably the stupidest merger of environmental and economic policy ever.

A no confidence vote will mean an election, which is a great opportunity for libertarians to campaign and vote for the most libertarian candidates they can find. While the tide of public opinion is opposed to the current government the public going to be voting against the new regulations and back towards freedom. So if there is an election, we may only go from socialism, to slightly less socialism, but at the moment we should be grasping at any freedom we can get and with the entire libertarian community’s support we may even see some candidates with actual libertarian ideals get elected.

While Turnbull may not be as pure of a libertarian as most of this blog’s readers, he does know that policy has to have more than just good intentions to work, and that if a government’s policies are failing, no matter how well intentioned they are, then it is time to get rid of that government. That is a big thing for an Australian politician and that spark of common sense is why he is my pick for this week.

Feel free to use the comment section to let me know who would be the best pick for next week’s award.