Liberal leader

The showdown for Liberal leader will happen on Tuesday. At the moment it is a fight between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, though Joe Hockey also might join the mix. Kevin Andrews might have another go too.

Some other potential leaders aren’t putting their hands up this time around. One option that I quite like is Andrew Robb. Other names sometimes thrown around for future leader include Julie Bishop, Peter Dutton and Christopher Pyne.

So what do you think, dear reader?  (Note: click on the poll below to take you to the poll main page, then vote. You can choose more than one option, but you can only vote once.)

Who should lead the Liberal Party?
Malcolm Turnbull
Tony Abbott
Joe Hockey
Kevin Andrews
Andrew Robb
Julie Bishop
Peter Dutton
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Malcolm Turnbull

I’ve expressed my distaste for Malcolm Turnbull in the past, despite the fact that many here seem to like him – even considering him a fellow libertarian.  I’ve yet to see anything that would qualify him as such.  Maybe I was harsh – after all, the Environment portfolio is not exactly the best place to display your libertarian credentials.

Alas, as far as I can tell, he isn’t much better as Opposition Leader.  His latest call is for the government to guarantee individual bank deposits up to $100,000.  (Kevin07 wants to guarantee $20,000).  I’m no economist, but it seems to me, that when people are already dumping shares and other investments to convert to cash, that such a scheme would only hasten the exodus.  Am I missing something?

Why is it that so many of you like this guy?