Penn & Teller On Taxes

Penn & Teller, the Las Vegas Headliner magicians/comedians with their own Showtime TV program (entitled Bullshit!), recently dedicated an episode to taxation. And it’s great! Not only is it ideologically very libertarian, but it was also, well, very funny! I know putting the words ‘funny’ and ‘tax’ in the same sentence is normally unheard of, but they managed to pull it off quite well.

Obviously it’s focused on the U.S, and designed for the layperson rather than political activist, but I think most of it applies equally to the Australian situation, and is well worth a watch.

You can download a copy at [removed] (where you have to sign up for some spam or some such first but it really is quite worth it – I just used a fake email).

So, enjoy! 🙂

(Warning: Contains extensive profanity and brief full frontal nudity. Which depending on your workplace might raise a few eyebrows.)

Update: Due to copyright restrictions, I’ve removed link from this post. Sorry. Feel free to debate intellectual property rights in the comments :p