Partnership with ATA

The Australian Libertarian Society (ALS) has existed in Australia for over 12 years, promoting libertarian ideas and helping to bring together libertarians around Australia in forums and occasional events. However, the ALS is a purely volunteer body with no money or resources.

To keep relevant as we move forward, we have decided to partner with the Australian Taxpayers Alliance, who have been active in Australia since 2012.

The ALS and ATA share a belief in shrinking the size of government, reducing tax, and decreasing the amount of regulations and nanny state rules. Having said that, the two organisations approach these goals in slightly different ways — with ATA bringing together a broader coalition of anti-tax advocates and engaging in more retail activism, while the ALS focuses more on the philosophy of freedom.

The two organisations are already informally linked, with ATA director (Tim Andrews) being a long-term member of the ALS board, and the ALS director (John Humphreys) currently acting as the deputy director of the ATA. The ALS will continue to operate separately, keeping this name and web address, but some of the administration will be taken over by ATA which already has a more sophisticated structure.

We look forward to starting a new chapter for the ALS, which will be launched with a “libertarian conference” in Sydney later this year. More details coming soon.