Twisted Logic

Some ideas are so bad, that they can only be the product of a public education system.  Take this mob for instance:

LOBBY group Innovative Research Universities warns against allowing increased competition from private providers, and demands protection for existing public sector institutions in its submission to the Bradley higher education review.

“We argue against applying a pure market model to universities – they are critically important to this country. We don’t want to see the risk of market failure, as happened in the case of ABC childcare, effecting universities” IRU executive director Lenore Cooper told HES.

Sadly, a lot of people seem to hold such view about the market.  If it’s important, then the market can’t be trusted!  But the following paragraph just doesn’t make any kind of sense:

IRU cautions against competition from private providers, arguing that further deregulation would “drive greater homogenisation” in higher education as all providers focused on low cost courses in high consumer demand and that student fees would rise.

You got that?  Private universities would provide cheap courses that people actually want to undertake (which is apparently bad), and this will… uhm… cost them more money.