Liberty Awards

Awards given by the Australian Libertarian Society are outlined below.

Libertarian of the year — for the person who has made the biggest impact in Australia, raised the profile of libertarian ideas, successfully pushed forward libertarian reforms, created a successful libertarian organisation or event, and otherwise helped build the movement.

2014 – David Leyonhjelm

2015 – Tim Wilson

2016 – Matt Barrie

2017 – Sinclair Davidson

2018 – Chris Berg

Young Libertarian of the year — as above, but for young people.

2014 – Simon Breheny

2015 – Trisha Jha

2016 – James Paterson

2017 – Naomi Brockwell

2018 – Aaron Stonehouse

Libertarian Activist — somebody who does not have a large public profile (yet) but who is starting to put in the effort… and we want to encourage them to continue their doing work and help them to take the next step up to libertarian celebrity.

2014 – Marguerite Iliescu

2015 – Roderick Schneider

2016 – Topher Field

2017 – Andrew Cooper

2018 – Renee Gorman

Lifetime Achievement — for somebody who has done a lot for the libertarian movement over many years. We are thinking of people who helped build or fund the movement.

2014 – Neville Kennard

2015 – Ron Manners

2016 – Greg Lindsay

2017 – Wolfgang Kasper

2018 – John Hyde






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